Assembly of the 2nd Gold Club Bag has BEGUN!

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HOT NEWS, everybody! If you noticed the site was a little quiet this week, it’s only because we’re assembling our second ever run of Gold Club bags. 1,900 hand-stamped envelopes, every one of them full of all manner of affordable prizes, as well as the actual fingerprints of team SU&SD.

Phew! The really crazy part, though, is that we’re getting the hang of it. If you missed this one, we’d definitely recommend you get in on the next. We’ll be re-opening donations in just a short while.

Thank you all so, so much. Oh, and those full episodes we promised in our first pledge drive? They’ll start arriving this month. The forum’s getting very close, too. Eee!

— Team SU&SD


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Matt's going to be popping over for a chat with Brennan over at D20 soon. If you're looking to scratch a D&D itch, their latest Fantasy High series will all be uploaded this week, starting today. ALL OF IT. Madness.

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