That’s all for this week!

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Paul: No video today, as this week we were assembling 2200 of our Season 3 Gold Club bags! Also Matt had some kind of disease and may now be dead(?).*

Quinns: Next week will be a stomper, though, with coverage of Street Wars, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective AND Nations. Then the week after that our entire team will be reporting from Gen Con ’14 and trying to blag our way into the sold-out True Dungeon! Actually, if any of you guys have a spare ticket and want to let Brendan fulfill his destiny by becoming an actual bard, please email the address at the bottom of the site.

Paul: Speaking of Destiny, myself, Quinns, Matt and Brendan did manage to record an episode of the Daft Souls video game podcast this week, so that’s something.

Quinns: Did you guys know that the four of us were video game critics before Shut Up & Sit Down was even a headline on a tumblr? We were! We just realised that board games are cooler.

Paul: It’s true. Speaking of which, don’t do a Google image search for Gen Con.

Quinns: Why– oh, no.

Paul: Oh, a quick edit! I quietly mumbled an asterisk at the end of my words because we are going to put up a secret weekend post tomorrow. Nothing big, just something that I’ve been mulling over for a while.

Quinns: I love mulling.

Paul: That Google result you’re looking at, is that cosplay? Is that–

Quinns: Of course! It makes total sense that someone would cosplay as Brendan.