A quick thanks

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Quinns: HELLO!

We’re more than a month into the new site. How’s everybody finding it? We know about the clogged toilets on floor 11. Also, can whoever’s stolen the key to Paul’s bedroom please return it.

Since the site’s launched we’ve been producing more content than ever before in SU&SD history. Five videos, two podcasts, ten written features, weekly news… I could go on! But I won’t because that’s all we’ve done and I’d just be making stuff up.

If you’ve been enjoying it, please do let us know in the the comments, which, incidentally, you guys have been making an absolute pleasure. Thank you.

If you are into the work we’re doing here, please, please, please help support us by simply going through our Amazon links before you buy anything at all. As we said in our welcome post, it doesn’t matter what you buy, just so long as you do it via us.

Enjoy month two, everybody! We love you. We really do.