This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

cosycore will never die but you will, full-but-small, titularly teensy

Ava: Ooh, look, this week’s this week is going to be as compact as I can manage, because I’m rewriting the intro after noticing that everything’s got some kind of ‘small’ in it. Squeeze yourself into your tightest pants and squash straight into this most minuscule message….

That’s because Tuesday night I’m going to be on our Twitch channel with Matt and Tom, playing Tiny Turbo Cars from Horrible Guild. This is a recently-kickstarted game from the publishers of King’s Dilemma and Railroad Ink. Tiny Turbo Cars has you fiddling with a sliding puzzle and using it to pre-program the moves of the titularly teensy conveyances as they race around the kitchen floor. It sounds neat! I’m excited to find out how neat.

Wednesday is review day, and Matt is building a colourful edifice of a review for you, which I’m excited for, because I already own it, and it’s a surprisingly full-but-small box. I shall say no more.

Then Friday we’ll be podding our hearts away. Me and Matt are ready to record what I’m tentatively titling the ‘cosycore’ podcast, with a look at some gentle games with nice things in. Gardens and cupboards. Ooooh, lovely (and a bit of a break after last week’s sprawling massivenesses).

So that’s the pint-sized line-up for this week! Any of that float your cosy? What’s the smallest lovely thing you did this weekend? What’s your favourite cupboard?

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Podcast #140 – My Beans! My Beautiful Beans!!

Caffeine Cove, The ChronoTrader, Beanburgled, Diagnosis: Spreadsheet
Shut Up & Sit Down · Podcast #140 – My Beans! My Beautiful Beans!!

In this decadently 140th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Boardgame: The Podcast, we’re talking about a couple of hot-button-games that we’ve come over all tepid about. We’ll first guide you into the asymmetrical port of Merchants Cove, before serving up a delicious mug of mathematical coffee in… Coffee Traders!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

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Review – Beyond The Sun

There are so many ‘Zones’ In This Video, A Nice Dry Euro At Last, One Caveat Cupboard

May 12, 2021 Reviews Beyond the Sun In this week’s video review, Tom is blasting off into SPACE to find the spreadsheet of his dreams in a game packed to the gills with iconography. Is one large icon better than two, smaller icons? Find out right here! As dry as Beyond The Sun most certainly … Read more

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This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

we were booking a special con for the editorial team, it's gonna be so good, can you believe

Quinns: Oh gosh! British society is slowly opening up again like a grouchy flower, which means team SU&SD was so busy planning board game meetups yesterday we plum forgot to tell you what’s coming up on the site. That must be fixed, because let me tell you- this is gonna be a strong week.

Tonight you can look forward to an eldritch battle over on our Twitch channel, with Tom and Matt bashing their brains against one another in a live match of Cthulhu Wars: Duel. This is the new, cheaper, 2 player-only edition of Cthulhu Wars, which I covered in a special Christmas review back in 2019. I barely knew Tom back then, but that didn’t stop me from (a) dressing him up as a ghost and (b) making him sprint around outside my building. What a good lad.

Tomorrow our video reviews return with a bang, with Tom covering an early contender of our game of the year. I shall say no more.

Finally, on Friday we’re releasing a podcast that I can’t wait to record- it’s a double feature talking about two very ambitious  games, the shockingly-asymmetric Merchant’s Cove and the shocking-looking Coffee Traders. Although I guess both are games are about being “Stressed traders”, which would make this.. the stressed trader-cast?

Have a lovely week, everyone!

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Podcast #139 – The ManualCast

Layouts!, Illustrator!, Rats!, RULES!
Shut Up & Sit Down

In this butt-clenchingly 139th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, we’re talking all about manuals! Do not try to escape, you have been warned! Thrills abound as Matt and Ava jungle-gym their way through a forest of Adobe products, kerning, and intriguing observations – all centered around RATS: High Tea at Sea – the roll and write that we think is quite good! No need to ask for any other opinions, we are the professionals, after all.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

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This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

hefty dolars, progeny of daddy eklund, rats: layout in a bout (boat)

Quinns: We have awoken from the post-AwSHUX slumber! Well, I’ve awoken. Well, I’m half-awake. Well, my right eyelid is gummed shut and I’m still wearing my pyjamas- the point is that I’m here, and I’m ready to tell you what’s coming up Shut Up & Sit Down.

On Tuesday we’re streaming Keystone: North America, a game of developing an ecosystem and the first release from hot new publisher Rose Gauntlet! Then on Friday you can look forward to episode #139 of the podcast, which will be (get ready) a special episode all about manuals. Basically, Matt had a near-death experience laying out the manual for RATS: High Tea at Sea, and will be telling us what he learned as a springboard to discuss manuals in general.

No video review this week, although we do have our next five(!) reviews planned. You can look forward to our video reviews starting up again from Wednesday the 12th of May.

Finally, let’s have a little peek at the games topping the BGG Hotness and see what we think, eh?

  1. Evil scientist simulator My Father’s Work tops the hotness this week, with its Kickstarter campaign at a hefty $445,000 and counting! For a closer look you should absolutely check out Tom explaining the game in our AwSHUX preview videos. We’re learning to expect zesty games like this from Renegade Game Studios, who often pair innovative games with very strong art design.
  2. Matt Eklund’s Stationfall takes the #2 spot. It’s my first time seeing it and it reminds me of a tabletop Space Station 13? A highly thematic, highly chaotic game of hidden objectives and strong theming. Or maybe you could describe it as Nemesis without the aliens and with more of a sense of humour?
  3. Next up is Lost Ruins of Arnak by CGE. Released last year, this game is turning out to have some real staying power! Not only is it still in the hotness, it’s currently listed as BGG’s 7th best family game and 103rd best game of all time.
  4. Fourth is Dune: Imperium. Our team was broadly pretty cool on this box, and you can hear why in podcast #127. Like Arnak, this game combines deckbuilding with worker placement, and we felt it was no more and no less than the sum of its parts. (Except Matt, who thought it was not “Bad” but “Good”.)
  5. And riding unexpectedly high in the hotness is Vivid Memories by Floodgate Games! Could this be a result of Tom explaining it so masterfully in his AwSHUX preview, and then again on podcast #138? Probably, yes.
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Podcast #138 – Live from AwSHUX 2021!

A Million Boxes, An Architectural Disaster, Stabbing Your Pals, Time 2 Snooze
Shut Up & Sit Down · Podcast #138 – Live From AwSHUX 2021!

Live and scary from AwSHUX 2021, it’s Quinns, Tom and Ava! Apologies for the incredibly unhinged energy on this one, it was powered by nerves and I’m also editing it at 1 in the morning! What a combination!

We’ve got an absolutely brutal lineup of games on this one, folks. We’re talking plants, gardens and sheds in Three Sisters, we’re slapping down a bunch of little wooden towers in Medina, and we’re serving up hot hot murder on our pals in Night of the Ninja.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! At the tail-end of this pod, embark on an odyssey of AwSHUX previews! Tom and Quinns will battle it out in an arena of hyperbole – armed with 26 separate previews that they’ve ruthlessly whittled into the silliest segment around!

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

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AwSHUX Spring is HERE!

here we go, oh snap, oh my goodness, it's happening again

Quinns: Hello! Is everybody ready for a five day board game extravaganzboard? The second ever AwSHUX, our free online edition of the SU&SD convention, starts today. There’s no time to waste – hurry over to the official site and start poking around! It is TEEMING with games, THROBBING with features, and GLISTENS with giveaways. But here are some toplines of what you won’t want to miss:

  • Over on our YouTube channel we’ve just this moment released a whole heap of previews of upcoming games, presented by Tom, Matt and myself. These videos represent a whole month of work and we’re releasing them all in one go, because you’re worth it.
  • More than 30 hours’ worth of programming will soon start on our Twitch channel- we’ve got panels, gameshows, special guests, presentations galore! You can see the schedule in the above header image.
  • But SHUX isn’t just about looking at games, pawing at your monitor like a kitten at a window. This weekend you can play games free on Tabletopia – use the code SHUX2021 to get 7 days of free Gold Access! Here’s how to apply your coupon code.
  • Can’t find the game you want on Tabletopia? Try these other options: BGA (free), Sovranti (Gold access free during AwSHUX with code SHUX21), Yucata (free), Boîte à Jeux (free), TTS (buy on steam).
  • Can’t find people to play with? We won’t hear of it. You can find friendly folks on the official AwSHUX Discord server!
  • Finally (and you can expect to hear a lot more about this on the site in the coming days), we’ve only gone and published a game in collaboration with two friends of the show. RATS: High Tea at Sea is a roll’n’write that you can pay whatever you want for, and is 100% playable over a webcam.

The last time this much board game love and tabletop talent was in one place was… probably the last AwSHUX? And this time the show is even bigger and better? Goodness me. I’m going to stop typing right now and get stuck in.

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A worm named desire, spicy worms

April 8, 2021 AwSHUX Spring Well, that’s a wrap on “fun”, I hope you all ate enough of it while it was still warm. The team will return sooner than you know it for a weekend splurge of Lots of Content. We hope you’re having a good week – see you soon!

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Podcast #137 – Nidavelladia!

The International PodZone, Dwerg it Baby, Polite Elks, Quintin Smith: Date Rememberer
Shut Up & Sit Down · Podcast #137 – Nidavelladia!

In this indubitably 137th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns are producing decibels about two games that they are both a bit excited about! First off we’ll ramble about Nidavellir’s moody dwarves and chunky coins before taking a break in the wilderness of Cascadia; a land of solitary bears and salmon on the slalom.

We then finish this pod off with some very brief thoughts on recent video reviews for Cubitos and Stardew Valley: The Board Game – so if you need thoughts on rolling, growing, moving, and crowing… then you’ve come to the right place on your Friday evening! What luck!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

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Shutupshow Tweets

It’s a podcast! Tom and Matt have been messing with trains in Empyreal: Spells & Steam, as well as dunking on plastic in Spirit Island! All aboard for some lively chats about depositing sludge and scaring humans!…

About 3 days ago from Shut Up & Sit Down's Twitter via Twitter Web App