Podcast #148 – The Cost of Forks

Asbesdon’t, Forkwright, Arkwright: The Arkwright Game, Stop saying every game is like Quarto
Shut Up & Sit Down · Podcast #148 – The Cost Of Forks

In this industrious 148th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Quinns and Tom are jumping into two varyingly bleak economic games. The Cost is an asbestos-mining infrastruct-em-up with a beige board and some bleak commentary, while Arkwright: The Card Game takes Arkwright’s cutlery manufacturing to a more compact place.

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Review: All 28 Railroad Ink Expansions

Shedding some Tiers, Too Many Expansions, The Sweatiest Video of the Year

The person who actually received the review copy for Railroad Ink: Deluxe Edition (Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green, Railroad Ink Challenge: Shining Yellow and all the dice expansions) was Quinns. I (Tom) had to persuade Mr Quintin to relinquish his grasp on the box because, of course, I was the bigger, better fan of Railroad Ink – I play it on my own, for goodness sake.

Little did I know that the box was a Monkey’s Paw. Little did I know that within a few short months, I would be rattling on about ‘The Rainbow Die’, ‘The Eldritch Expansion’ and drawing up the tier list from (and starring) hell. The words and behaviour of the utterly deranged. Enjoy!

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This week on shut up & sit down…

drip, dripp, drippp, that's the sound my armpit makes


Am I referring to the anxiety brought on by launching our 10th Anniversary Donation Drive? I am not, no. I trust you folks to do the right thing!

Instead, I am clammy because this week England entered the vanishingly small segment of the year where the sun actually shows up, turning our population into 56 million slowly-sizzling and noisily distressed beefsteaks.

Fortunately for you, the editorial team of SU&SD are absolute pros who won’t be stopped by still air, who won’t be held HOSTAGE by HUMIDITY. You’ll see evidence of this on Tuesday, when we’ll be streaming Star Scrappers: Orbital over on our Twitch channel! This is a game of steadily building out your very own sci-fi space station from the designer of no less than Terraforming Mars.

Our big feature this week will land on Thursday, when Tom will publish a video reviewing all of the expansions of a beloved game that has too many expansions. What could I be referring to, do you think.. ?

Finally, on Friday Tom and I will be releasing one “podcast”! This one’s a brutal business special, with us chatting about asbestos industry-simulator The Cost and historical factory manager Arkwright: The Card Game.

What a week! Wow. Alright, I’m off to wipe myself down again.

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Help us celebrate TEN YEARS of Shut Up & Sit Down!

This summer the site turned TEN YEARS OLD! If it was a child it would have no legal rights to speak of, but it would be, erm, tall? It might be tall. Today we’re launching our ten year anniversary donation drive and teasing a brand-new feature that we’re hoping to launch. What do you say, everybody? How does another ten years sound?

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This week on shut up & sit down…

Monday moods, Bullet-teeth, Drink the biscuit

Ava: Well well well. Fancy bumping into a Monday like you in a place like this? Dreary grey out the window, a load of rain, and I understand there’s a load of people upset about some kind of ball-to-foot thing? Some people are being right *****’s about it too. Please don’t do that.

But you know what, despite the bleakness, I’m as excited as ever to be welcoming you to a new week of shutting up and sitting down on Shut Up & Sit Down. Although to be fair, it’s going to be a slightly weird week.

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Podcast #146½ – Teaching Complex Games & Talking Go

beast masters, did you know she is also a climate change scientist, multiball

Apologies for the lateness of this week’s podcast! This site’s own Tom Brewster has fallen ill with Covid-19. Tom’s okay, but in his own words, “It sucks.”

In this emergency episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, we’re presenting one of our favourite panels from the most recent AWSHUX, our “Away SHUX” online convention. In it, Quinns has a terrific talk with his favourite Go YouTuber, In Sente, a.k.a. Michaela Galluci.

The pair shared their favourite tips for teaching complex games to people, but eventually succumbed to the temptation of just talking about Go. Did you know that it’s a good game? It’s a good, good game. If you missed Quinns’ review of Go last year, definitely check it out.

We hope you’re having a great weekend, everybody. Your regular podcast will be back next week.

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

angling for poise, get the boogie bonus again

Hello humans! It’s another Monday here, which means the start of another week of THINGS. This week should be a fun one, I hope – tomorrow on the stream we’ll be doing a Print & Play-Along session of Super Skill Pinball 2! Fire up that deskjet or digitally draw on a PDF like a wizard as we check out the sequel to this brilliant roll & write. Excitingly we’ll be joined by Big Geoff E himself during the stream, cutting down the time we spend getting rules wrong by upwards of 25%. Here are the rules. We’ll teach on the stream, but some people like to read ’em!

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Podcast! Celebrate 10 years of board games with Rodney and Quinns in their AwSHUX chat from last year, it's a treat. We'll be back to regular podcasts and videos next week! Stay tuned! shutupandsitdown.com/podcastl…

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