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An astonishing thing has happened! We’ve again succeeded at dispatching literally thousands of Gold Club packs around the world, full of limited edition jokes, swag, downloads and behind-the-scenes tidbits. If you’ve not received yours yet, you will soon.

If you feel like supporting the work we do and getting some swag mailed to your doorstep, donations are now open for next season, which will close June 30th! That’s last season’s bag you can see up there. Doesn’t it look nice? Go on. Treat yourself, and help us spread the good word about board gaming!

ALSO, we’ve a question for you. Quinns, Paul, Matt, Mike and Brendan will be attending Gen Con ’14 in America’s fashionable state of Indiana. To help cover the flights we’re considering selling a very limited number of seats at a sit-down dinner with us at the convention, as well as an intimate gaming session. If you’re breathtakingly wealthy and this excites you, please say so using the forms stuck right there in the pledge levels.

Thanks again, everybody.

— Team SU&SD


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