Announcing the SU&SD T-Shirt Design Contest!

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Quinns: Good news, everyone! This summer’s going to be SU&SD’s 5th anniversary and as part of the festivities we’re FINALLY going to be offering merchandise. I know! You’d be forgiven for thinking this was literally never going to happen.

Anyway, to make our initial offering a little more special we’ll be letting you guys choose the shirts that you want the most. After all, we have almost five years of catch-phrases, stupid jokes and board games to pull from. Nobody knows what you guys want better than you!

The details are all in this forum thread, but very simply any one of you can (and should!) link a design of your very own in that thread, then at the start of August we’re going to run a poll featuring every single design, and the three that get the highest votes will (a) be made available for sale, and (b) the creators will all receive one of each shirt AND a board game of their choice, purchased from a retailer of their choice.

(Unless our own Matt Lees’ designs win, in which case we’ll send the prize to whoever’s in fourth place. Sorry, Matt.)

It’s as simple as that! And if you don’t have a lick of artistic talent, why not drop your idea for a shirt in the comment thread in this post, or better yet in the forum thread itself. Help artists help us to help you to your dream design.

Good luck, everyone!