Review – Our 5 Favourite New Card Games In 2021

Female Friends, Sad Stories For Frowning Men, Crotchgoblin!, Thrice Maxed

Go on then, what’s yer favourite card? I’m partial to a 4 of diamonds myself – but I’m also partial to the hundreds of individual cards featured in this very video. That’s right, we’re once again counting down the very best that cards have to offer right now, covering a dizzying array of games big and small!

In this video, you can catch Tom and Quinns reviewing The Crew again, creating a Fantasy Realm in Fantasy Realms, moseying over to a monarch in Royal Visit, and enjoying what sounds like a big french dessert in Oriflamme. We also make time to talk about the crown prince of cards; Regicide – as well as dipping our critical toes into a bunch of different boxes in a not-quite-review-roundup. It’s a big one, and you’re invited!

You’re also invited to… Board Game Arena! You’ll notice that we’ve taken on a sponsorship for BGA in this video – a natural choice as the team are fans of what they do, with their digital adaptations of board games new and old helping us through this challenging year. If you’d like to support us and them, please click this link, and let us know how this new sponsor for us makes you feel in the comments below.

Also? Huge thanks to the owner of Brighton’s excellent Artisan Deli Market for being such a good sport.

0:59 The Crew
Tom’s Review of The Crew
The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine
The Crew – Mission Deep Sea
Try The Crew for free on BGA
3:02 Oriflamme
Try Oriflamme for free on BGA
5:50 Oriflamme: Ablaze
6:28 Fantasy Realms
10:36 Royal Visit
15:29 Runners-up
Codex Naturalis
Try Codex Naturalis for free on BGA
Stick ‘Em
Liar’s Dice
Claim/Claim 2
18:15 Regicide