This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

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Matt: Contrary to the lies of Orange Cat Propaganda, it is possible to love both lasagne and Mondays – and I’ll tell you for free, I’ve got a hunger for both. As the frosty-grim weather in the UK eases up a touch in favour of something bright and very chilly, I’m finally feeling like it’s time for 2021 to really kick off! Over the weekend I partially constructed and painted a fence! Imagine that?!

On the website this week we’ve a review from Mr Brewster, who’s currently hurrying away to serve up another of his delightful edits for this Wednesday. I can’t wait. Prior to that, though – we’ll be streaming on Tuesday! Tomorrow night will feature me and Tom having a crack at the co-op cave management simulator Paleo: I had a little try of this one the other day, and it might be a little bit special? Tune in and take a peek to judge for yourself.

Finally, it’s POD-TIME. Tom and Ava join forces to sell you on a variety of crusty and out-of-print beauties that you can play *right now* using digital websites – keep an eye out for that one this Friday!

Oh, and we’ve now managed a miraculous two-month stretch of having the podcast appearing online each and every Friday. Because nobody else in the history of the internet has managed to make a podcast that comes out every week, I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for marketing the podcast’s unique relationship with a fixed day of the week.  If anyone has any better ideas, do let me know – otherwise, “LET’S GET POZZY WITH THE FROZZY!”