This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down….

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Hi all! We’re off for the week getting a bunch of SHUX stuff nailed down and a couple team members are off on holiday, but have an awesome week, and enjoy exploring all the new GenCon releases, we’ll be dipping our toe in ourselves over the next couple weeks.

We also have SHUX previews coming next month for a bunch that we’re super excited to get hands on with, including Starship Captains, Turing Machine, Septima, Evergreen, Gutenberg, and Fit to Print!

If you missed it, make sure to also go give Ava some love on her awesome video last week on this year’s Kennerspiel winner, Living Forest!

See you next week!


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Sorry folks, but no podcast today - SHUX prep is in full swing! We'll be taking a short break while we do 'all that stuff' and will likely sneak back into your ears on the 7th of October!

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