This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom Brewster 31 comment(s)

Tom: Hello friends, acquaintances, and the occasional Disqus bot! Welcome to another week in Shut Up & Sit Down, wherein content will be delivered to you on a novelty-sized cheque written out to ‘John BoardGames’. The cheque is covered in content, slathered in the stuff wait actually it’s dripping off the sides ew ew ew ew ew stop it put it down yuck

On Thursday, the tree bears fruits! Videofruits! Best not rush them, leave them to roll off the vine and straight into your waiting arms. Me and Matt just filmed this badboy, so expect something packed with hasty energy. Wonky, silly, and a very good game.

Friday? It’s the day you know and love, absolutely packed to the gills with pod. We’re going to be chatting about a smattering of games played at the UK Games Expo that we didn’t cover live! That includes Villagers, adorning this Mondaypost like a crown of cardboard. Lovely.

No stream this week, unless someone goes fully impulsive. I’ve ended up being ‘right busy’ recently, but hopefully we’ll be back soon with some more nonsense! If you didn’t catch it, Ava’s cupboard-organising stream is still available as a VOD right here!

That’s this week! Hope you’re all well in there, ‘internet people’! Whatcha been up to?