This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Vanishing Ava, Excitable Matthew, Enigmatic Quintin, Sleepy Tom
Tom Brewster 21 comment(s)

Tom: zzzzz… zzzz …. Zzzz ….

Ava: Tom! Wake Up!!!

Tom: AHGh! Ava! Why are you here? Did I accidentally resurrect the multi-person-back-and-forth for a convenient framing device, only for you to vanish entirely not three lines later?


Tom: Alright. No need to be rude.

Readers, everyone at SU&SD HQ is taking a beat to recover from a fantastic weekend at UKGE. Fantastic but exhausting! Hence we’ve got a bunch of quite wobbly plans this week.

There will certainly be no video this week, and maybe not next either. Speaking personally, that NISEI project was so huge and consuming that I’ve little in the pocket to show you all and I need to reframe myself to not think of everything in clicks and credits.

HOWEVER! As a video substitute, Ava and I are thinking about getting up to some slightly chunkier streaming antics. We’ve no idea what form that’ll take, but we’re hoping to continue being back in the swing of that very soon.

Podcasts though? They abound. We’ve got two live shows from UKGE that are going out this week and next, covering all manner of games from Wonderland’s War to The Court of Miracles, with plenty of chat about a wibbly wobbly egg.

That’s all for now! What have you been up to, everybody?