This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Plumbing Disasters, Good Walls, Sons of Guys
Tom Brewster 21 comment(s)

MONDAY! Descend into the bowels of the week with merely this meagre post as your guiding light. What lies inside? Uhm *checks notes* not much, unfortunately.

We were intending to have a hot hot video review up on the site this week – the very first solo outing from Ava Foxfort! But, due to a generally horrifying plumbing accident (the likes of which cannot be repeated in ANY MEDIUM) we have had to postpone. Look forward to that in the future, and look forward to a review from myself and Matt next week! I’ve just realised that this sounds like myself and Matt have sabotaged Ava’s plumbing to get our review out earlier; and I promise that has not been proven yet.

What can you look forward to this week, then? Matt and I have taken a peek at Kickstarter behemoth The Great Wall as well as Wise Guys – the funky new version of the Sons of Anarchy board game from Gale Force 9! We’ve also loaded that podcast with a giant spoilery bullet for The Initiative, if you do want to dabble in secrets on a Friday evening. Other than that, it’s a quiet week as we gear up for a very exciting slate of content to come in the next few weeks! Oh, and I’m thinking about streaming some video games… anything people reckon would make good viewing for board game fans? 

Take it easy folks! And, as always, what have you been up to recently?