This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Snoozin' Gods, 67 Hours of Editing, Two whole heads of hot hot treats
Tom Brewster 35 comment(s)

Tom: Wahey! Monday! It’s been a minute, eh? A whole week since I last gave you the skinny on what (wasn’t) going down on the website – but let me tell you;  this week we’ve got a couple of hot hot treats.

On Thursday, we’ll be publishing a searing hot review of lots of games at once. We’re filming it in approximately 13 hours, and we’ll have it delivered into your waiting palms within around… 67? Depends entirely on how fast I can edit and how fast Quinns can shoot B-Roll… Wait… does that mean? YEAH IT DOES! That’s right, it’s the year’s first two-head review! We’re slowly clambering back to normal after some year(s) of sitting alone and going slowly strange.

But what has Friday got in store? Dependable as ever, it’s the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast – where we’re giving our first impressions on the tumultuous Sleeping Gods, and some more in-depth impressions of the utterly terrifying Hostage Negotiator: Career. Two big games and three nice people! What a way to spend a Friday evening.

That’s the week! No stream unfortunately, but those Tuesday goodtimes will be back soon enough. But what have you been up to, everybody?