This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

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Tom: Monday! The start of the week, or the second day of the week if you’re getting wild with it! Let me, Thomas Brewster – a boy made of board – tell you about all the exciting things that we’ve got in store for you in the next 120 hours…

Tomorrow’s stream sees myself and Matt going head-to-head with Caesar, the latest two-player seize-’em-up from Blitzkrieg and Ethnos designer Paolo Mori. Quinns and I played a game of it the other day and determined it was ‘chewy’ and ‘different’ in a way that was both appealing and agonising. Catch that at 7pm BST over on our Twitch.

Wednesday’s review is a Lees special, with a game that’s maybe one of the most Matt things I’ve ever seen in the 200,000+ hours I’ve spent on this earth. I found it intensely amusing watching the team hunched over this thing when I arrived for our week in Oxford two months ago – sweating into the table and fretting about whether the game ‘counted’ for the victory spreadsheet. More of that this Wednesday.

Then, on Friday, we’ll be releasing our pod-dog into the wild with a chat about some lovely lovely games. We’ll be strolling down the big egypt river in Egizia, as well as lopping some royal heads in Regicide. We might even talk about some other games if we’ve got time, I’ve been playing so many things recently!

AND speaking of “recently”, what have you been up to this week, everybody? 🙂