This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

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Matt: Hello and welcome to MONDAY! Gosh, what a peach! It’s grey outside my window but the inside of my heart is a vibrant orange. Honestly, I should see a doctor!

This week will kick off properly tomorrow: in reaction to last friday’s podcast celebrating the work of Uwe Rosenberg, we’re hopping onto Twitch to play a game of Excalibohn: the delightfully arthurian-themed twist on the bean-based card game Bohnanza. If you’re in the mood for chilling with us while we’re undoubtedly silly, tune in. On Wednesday you can look forward to a video from Tom that features more tiny games than you can wobble a huge stick at, before finally this Friday you can look forward to an episode of the podcast that’s entirely about Dune Imperium. I believe the podcast is tentatively titled “Matt Lees vs The People”, but I refuse to spill the beans any further than that.

That’s double-beans so far, so let’s go for the triple: what kind of beans are your favourite beans?