Podcast #126 – Who is Mr Uwe, and What Does He Want?

A Feast of Beans, Talkin ‘bout the Olds, 15 Secret Hops and Spices, The Ugliest Artwork Ever Conceived
January 15, 2021

In this frighteningly 126th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Ava and Quinns try their very own best to convince our very own Tom to play their favourite Uwe’s. What’s an Uwe? I thought it was a big sheep, but I’ve been wrong before.

But before the great Uwe Showdown – where we discuss games as great and diverse as Nusfjord, Glass Road, A Feast for Odin and Le Havre – we first have a neat little discussion about Hallertau; the biggest and bumpiest box of bricks, bits and bobs that Germany has EVER seen. Does it live up to the hype? What’s the bottom line? And most importantly… How many beans?

We tried to keep this one shorter, as per the new podcast-a-week project, and we failed miserably! Please enjoy our nonsense rambling for close to an hour, until we start to get knackered.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

03:21 – Hallertau
25:55 – Glass Road
31:55 – Nusfjord
36:19 – Le Havre
41:28 – A Feast For Odin
49:51 – Bohnanza

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