This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom Brewster 21 comment(s)

Tom: Hoooo boy it’s warm out today folks. Team Shut Up & Sit Down are doing their very best to stay hydrated and happy so that we can still chip away at some soft-serve content for you to enjoy (preferably in a cool room with a damp towel on the head).

We had some technical difficulties at the back end of last week that have pushed that review into this week! Expect to see it on Wednesday or Thursday whilst we polish it up for delivery.

Friday is, as always, ‘the pod-day’. Ava and I are talking about a bouquet of games we’ve been playing recently – FlickFleet, King of 12, Museum: Suspects and Caper: Europe! You can hear us begin to get loopy in the heat on that one.

That’s all for this week! I’m chugging a big glass of ice water and setting up Shinkansen: Zero-Kei (is it any good? I’m about to find out!) What have you been up to, everybody?