This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Terra Notstica, Chaos Magic, Evil Clouds, Computers??
Matt Lees 26 comment(s)

Matt: It’s the 15th of November – you know what that means – the Chaos Magicians have infiltrated the website! That’s right, it’s the folks from Terra Mystica who make little red houses – and boy have they done a real number on us this time: my microphone has developed a mysterious buzzing sound, Tom’s PC Computer has broken itself – repeatedly – to the extent that it’s clear that dark magic involved, and if that wasn’t enough? The sun itself has been stolen from the UK – leaving us with a permanent state of dull-dark grey from morning until night.

So what else is going on this week, exactly? This Wednesday I will be returning to the fray with a fresh video review of a *corking* little cruncher, and this Friday we hope to have a podcast Of Some Description appearing online? It’s a little up-in-the-air, we’ve got a lot of technical wiggling that’s needed to get things properly working – but rest assured I am busy behind the scenes fighting the Chaos Magicians and their nefarious bowl-based plans for supremacy. Absolutely no Terra Mystica related stuff going up on the website this week though, I should clarify. No idea where you got that idea from, Steven – frankly you’ve made a fool of yourself.

How are you folks holding up? And what have you done this week to deter the wider influence of the Chaos Magicians?