GAMES NEWS! 31/10/16 (And a secret!)

Paul: Quinns I am so sorry I have not been well recently please can you do most of the news please I have had some energy and did some shopping and even went out today to a Halloween gathering but my nose is some weird tap for strange goo that I can’t control and-

Quinns: Paul shh shh. It’s okay.

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Podcast #33: Paints, Knocks and Christian Petersen

Market research tells us that the median SU&SD reader is, at a given moment, most likely to be thatching their mead hall. How boring! You’d best pop our 33rd ever podcast on in the background.

Matt and Quinns are desperate to talk about their crippling Infinity habit, while Paul’s been playing the beloved game of Battlecon. We’ve got a quick interview with Fantasy Flight CEO Christian Petersen where he answers such lovely questions as “What happens to board games that don’t sell” and “What is the most stressful thing about your job”. And we receive an email from Brooklyn-based SU&SD fan Nate Kushner titled The Sad Room.

The fun never stops! The thatching shouldn’t either, though. Chop chop.

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Miniatures Game Review: Infinity

Miniatures Game Review: Infinity

[Introducing another new series of articles! Eric Tonjes is professional Nebraskan and miniatures gamer who’s agreed to review some of 2015’s most popular miniatures games. You guys were so sweet to Hilary yesterday, so please give Eric the same welcome!]

Eric: So you’ve played a lot of games. You’ve gone from the simple family stuff to the weightiest Euro, and it still isn’t satisfying. You’re looking for something more. Lately, maybe you’ve been eyeing those hunched figures in the back of the game shop, pushing around their armies of painted men and orcs and arguing about byzantine rules. You’re looking, and you’re wondering… Has it perhaps come to this? Dare I become a *gulp* miniatures gamer?

Or maybe you’ve just noticed those boxes with gloriously painted figurines on the covers and wondered what they’re all about.

In the coming months I’ll be serving as your guide to the dark world of tabletop miniatures gaming. More than that, I’ll be trying to tell you what makes the very best ones sing – what about each one makes them unique, and why people spend huge amounts of money and even larger amounts of time assembling and painting little soldiers.

Up first, let’s take a gander at Infinity, the phenomenal flagship game of Corvus Belli.

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