Games News! 12/10/15

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Big Book of Madness
Quinns: Good morning everybody! News: I've got it, you want it. Let's conduct this transaction like a couple of consenting adults. Stop looking at the door! News is entirely legal in the UK.

Board Game Geek News has a Big Book of Madness designer diary up, and goodness me this game looks like a treat. It's a deeply co-operative, Harry Potter-style deckbuilder, but with a more flexible interpretation of deckbuilding that I find very welcome.

Players are attempting to close an evil book and defeat all the monsters spilling out of it, but you're not simply slowly improving your deck as the game goes on. You can improve your deck, or spend your turn putting good cards in your friend's deck, or trying to expunge horrible Madness cards that you'll slowly amass as the game goes on, or actually closing the damn book.

Review: Friday

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Review: Friday
Paul: Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

Quinns: Paul! I hear that you have recently been playing the Friedemann Friese one player card game called Friday.

Paul: We, we, we so excited.

Quinns: I know it well and actually I thought you’d have some interesting-

Paul: Which seat do I TAAAAKE?



Robinson Crusoe finds himself marooned on a desert island. Can you, Friday, help him conquer the many challenges he faces, improve his skills and eventually overcome the pirate menace to escape the island?