Feature: A Day in the Life of Paul’s Game Collection!

Paul's Cool Zone, Nautical nudges, entombed with Carcassonne
Paul: Welcome! Welcome to a very particular corner of my home. While apartment life in Vancouver doesn’t afford me the sort of cavernous attic that we peeped into when Quinns talked about his game collection, I do have a very particular place where I keep mine, all safe and warm and pristine...

SU&SD Play… Concept

Man fast outside, storm tool, bird on a wire with goldie hawn
What would it be like to live in a world without words? How difficult might it be to communicate the idea of a person, an object or a work of art through nothing but a collection of slightly ambiguous icons? How would that even go?

If you think the answers to those questions, in turn, are "Pretty awkward!" "Very difficult!" and "It would be a disaster!" then you're already primed for our first playthrough video of 2016. Paul sat down with some of his friends, a copy of Concept and some very simple rules:

  1. Divide into two teams of two.
  2. Play to a two minute turn limit.
  3. Choose the card (though not the exact concept) the other team must play.
  4. Play the game on the middle of its three difficulty levels. That should be fine, right?

This is what happened.

Games News! 26/05/14

still more octopus, most noble murder, the colour milk, the secret of spiel des jahres
Games News! 26/05/14
Quinns: Hello! Or as they say in Germany, das hallo! It's a special Mostly-German edition of the games news today, because a lot of our news is from Germany and I am very creative.

Uwe Rosenberg, designer behind such pastoral heavyweights as Agricola, Le Havre and Caverna has revealed his next project! What bold new setting are we getting this time, Uwe? What magical new mechanics have you birthed from the recesses of your labyrinthine mind?

"In the worker placement game Arler Erde, set in the German region of East Frisia, players develop an estate and expand their territory by cutting peat and building dikes."

Ah. More of the same, then. That's a shame! In the very same week, similarly prolific German mentat Stefan Feld has announced that his next game is about scientists that hang out with octopuses and crystals at the bottom of the ocean. Is "Team Feld" a thing? We should make it a thing. SU&SD hereby announces it is TEAM FELD!

Review: Concept

charahhdes, feverishness, below house, down cone, our lord satan
Review: Concept
Brendan: It’s simplicity week here on Shut Up & Sit Down and I am celebrating with margherita pizza, simplest of the foods. But also with a board game. Concept is a new party game from the French publisher behind Mascarade and City of Horror. But it is about as far removed from those games as you can get.

This is a game all about guesswork, language and stifled communication, about creating brilliant new ways to express old ideas – oh, I forgot the game. Hang on, I’ll go get it. Quinns, don’t eat my pizza while I’m gone.

Quinns: Of course not!

Brendan: Okay, I’ve got the ... You’ve eaten my pizza.

Quinns: ...