Interview: Plaid Hat Games

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Interview: Plaid Hat Games
[Everybody likes Colby Dauch. After starting Plaid Hat Games at the ripe age of 27 with a game of his own design, he's managed to publish one very interesting game a year (from different designers) in each of the four years since, and has grown from Heroscape fanboy to capable and committed entrepreneur -- a transition that many designers-turned-publishers make with far less aplomb.

With the publication of BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, Dauch’s young company is suddenly much higher -- brighter? -- on many more radar screens. We sent Actual Journalist Mark Wallace to find out what makes Colby such a nice guy. Instead, he came back with this interview.]

Mark: I want to jump right in by mentioning BioShock. You’ve just released the board game of the hit video game. It looks like you’re sitting on the edge of what could be a huge mainstream success. How does that feel, to go from being an unknown publisher four years ago, to shepherding one of the coolest, most high-profile game franchises into cardboard?

Colby: It’s pretty shocking. The interesting story there is that they approached me. That they sought out a board game rather than being pitched on it means that they know about this world, and they’re into it. Video gamers is a growing market for board games, so a project like this is right there in the sweet spot of growth for the industry. To be a growing company and be right where we feel the cusp of that growth is of course immensely exciting.

Impressions: The BioShock Infinite Board Game

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Impressions: The BioShock Infinite Board Game
Quinns: The board game of popular first personly shootems' videogame BioShock Infinite arrives in stores this week. A lot of hype behind this one, since it's from Plaid Hat Games, creators of such excellence as City of Remnants, Summoner Wars AND Mice & Mystics (which we still haven't played).

I was able to give it a quick play earlier in the month, and today my impressions are up on Kotaku. IS IT GOOD? Click on through and find out!

"Is The Siege of Columbia another gritty, gory war game? Not in the slightest. In fact, I'd argue the board game's biggest achievement is recognising and pursuing the rollercoaster tone of the video game. There's some smart design to mull over, but it's far outweighed by a schlocky desire to entertain."

And if you're hungry for more BioShock Infinite related writings, SU&SD's own Leigh Alexander has written a definitive critique of the videogame right here.

Games news! 01/04/13

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Games news! 01/04/13
Good morning, trouble! It's Monday. The bad news is you're back at work, but the good news is that so are the world's board game designers! Imagine them all, staring at blank pieces of paper, perspiring faintly like chickens trying to birth unnaturally large eggs.

We start with Plaid Hat Games, who've just let slip a wad of information on their upcoming BioShock Infinite board game, The Siege of Columbia, AND have begun accepting pre-orders for $25 off the retail price. But will it be good, or not-good?! We just don't know. The designer, Isaac Vega, has two games coming this year from Plaid Hat, this and the dramatic-looking (and sounding) City of Remnants, but has yet to ship anything. We'll have to wait and see.

Shut Up & Sit Down Presents: Board Gaming’s Golden Age

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Last year Quinns gave a 40 minute talk at UK video game festival GameCity, designed to teach people about what’s happening in board games and why gamers the world over MUST get involved.

Hear Quinns' caramel baritone as he provides evidence of why board game sales are rocketing up, three deadly arguments for why video gamers need to be playing board games, and even some jokes. Yes, JOKES.