Podcast #116: …Reset to Hokey Pokey

The HotCast, I am become Lonely; Haver of Sad, Flicking Foxes Made of Numbers, Return to Africa, The Warm War
August 14, 2020

Three sentient puddles have gathered to sit in rooms made of hot to talk about board games made of card. That’s right, it’s become quite warm all of a sudden and the company has been liquidated to cope, but not in that way, in the other way. Look at what you made us do.

In this hideously 116th episode of the Shut Up and Sit Down podcast, Matt, Ava and Tom return to Undaunted: North Africa, Struggle Imperially with Imperial Struggle, and wait patiently for the moon to hit their collective eyes like the big pizza pie that is Sonora (?!?), before finally having a rambly chat about Far Away.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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1:18 – Undaunted: North Africa
14:32 – Sonora
24:50 – Imperial Struggle
43:27 – Far Away

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