A La Carte

A La Carte

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To begin A la carte, you receive a stove and pan with which to cook a range of delectable dishes. Each player then selects a meal and attempts to skillfully complete it by adjusting the heat level of their stoves to the perfect level, or pouring spices into the dish to get them just right. You can also take a coffee break in order to exchange stoves with another player, gain an extra turn, decrease the heat on rivals’ stoves, or even add spices to another player’s dish in an attempt to ruin it. It’s all fair game in A la carte.

To win, complete as many meals as possible, since each one adds to your score at the end of the game. Any time you lose a dish because it is overheated or overspiced, you’ll lose precious points. So, work quickly to get ahead, and do your best to avoid any catastrophes that could fork your chances of winning.

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