This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Ava: Hi everyone, it’s (somewhat) Monday, and you know what that means, it’s time for us to spin the Disruptotron and find out what is making everything a little bit trickier than we’d like this week.

Wait, what does it say here…

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This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

Ava: Everybody ready for a happy new week? Well, for those of you who eagerly follow my absurd calendar antics, it’s not just that, it’s time for a Happy new year!! That’s right, the pre-Julian Roman year starts in March, which starts tomorrow, which means I can stop banging on about ‘the void period’ and start enjoying life! Well done folks, you made it through the hardest bit of the orbit. And we’re celebrating in style.

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This Week on Shut Up & Sit Down

Ava: February: Why bother? Well, because it’s nearly the end of the voidperiod. February is shorter than January and by the end you can actually feel the days getting longer. Unless you’re in the other half of this big weird ball, in which case you must hate me for always banging on about the seasons. SORRY!

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AwSHUX Spring is HERE!

Quinns: Hello! Is everybody ready for a five day board game extravaganzboard? The second ever AwSHUX, our free online edition of the SU&SD convention, starts today. There’s no time to waste – hurry over to the official site and start poking around! It is TEEMING with games, THROBBING with features, and GLISTENS with giveaways. But here are some toplines of what you won’t want to miss:

  • Over on our YouTube channel we’ve just this moment released a whole heap of previews of upcoming games, presented by Tom, Matt and myself. These videos represent a whole month of work and we’re releasing them all in one go, because you’re worth it.
  • More than 30 hours’ worth of programming will soon start on our Twitch channel- we’ve got panels, gameshows, special guests, presentations galore! You can see the schedule in the above header image.
  • But SHUX isn’t just about looking at games, pawing at your monitor like a kitten at a window. This weekend you can play games free on Tabletopia – use the code SHUX2021 to get 7 days of free Gold Access! Here’s how to apply your coupon code.
  • Can’t find the game you want on Tabletopia? Try these other options: BGA (free), Sovranti (Gold access free during AwSHUX with code SHUX21), Yucata (free), Boîte à Jeux (free), TTS (buy on steam).
  • Can’t find people to play with? We won’t hear of it. You can find friendly folks on the official AwSHUX Discord server!
  • Finally (and you can expect to hear a lot more about this on the site in the coming days), we’ve only gone and published a game in collaboration with two friends of the show. RATS: High Tea at Sea is a roll’n’write that you can pay whatever you want for, and is 100% playable over a webcam.

The last time this much board game love and tabletop talent was in one place was… probably the last AwSHUX? And this time the show is even bigger and better? Goodness me. I’m going to stop typing right now and get stuck in.

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SHUX’20 Update

AwSHUX Update!

AwSHUX will be open to everyone! It will also be free for everyone, attendees and exhibitors! Bookmark, the site will go live on Friday Oct 16. We’re just finishing final tweaks leading up to the show. There will be no password, signup or any registration needed, the site will open to the public. You may want to create a Discord account (free) to do demos at exhibitor booths or hang out with other attendees. A Twitch account (also free) will come in handy if you want to interact/comment on Twitch streams over the weekend but you do not need one to watch the stream. Tabletopia (who have kindly partnered with us) will have a special link that we’ll have on the AwSHUX site to enjoy free access to all their games over the weekend as well!

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June 10, 2020 – Hello everybody. Today we’ve got an announcement about this October’s SHUX, the Shut Up & Sit Down convention. To state the obvious, hosting an event where thousands of people from all over the world can meet and sit in close proximity is no longer “a great idea”.

If you were planning on attending SHUX in 2020, or even 2021, here’s everything you need to know. And if you weren’t planning on that, scroll down to the next image on this post for a fun surprise!

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GAMES NEWS! 18/03/19

Matt: Hot on the tracks of the Shut Up & Sit Down News Train, I am hurtling towards Exciting Board Game Information at a speed of ninety miles-per-hour, after briefly stopping at East Croydon Station.

As those of you who caught our unexpectedly tense stream of The Estates last week will know, today we’re about to start work with Kylie Wroe – our first intern of 2019! You’ll be reading and hearing bits from her in the future, but today you’re still lumped with Little Lees and Daddy Quinns, who will later be meeting to make a dent in our *teetering* stack of review copies.

Mr Quintin: please OPEN THE NEWS DOORS!

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GAMES NEWS! 11/03/19

Matt: Good afternoon, newshunters! Steady thy quiver; wiggle thine swords – new news is blooming in the wildlands just behind you, if you stay very still I’ll shoot over your shoulder and kill a bit of great news that we can have for dinner.

Our top story this week is that I have just returned from a brief holiday and eaten a substantial quantity of tiny fruity meringues. I have never been so ready to be inundated with information about upcoming board games – Quintin, please tell me about a spooky team game, immediately.

Quinns: Yes sir!

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GAMES NEWS! 18/02/19

Matt: Morning Quinns! How was your weeken–

Quinns: Matt I watched SO MUCH of The Expanse. I was thinking we could write the whole Games News in Belter Creole.

Matt: OK. I hear you, but I worry that might make it a bit hard to read. How about you write it while crossplaying as Chrisjen Avasarala?

Quinns: You’ve got yourself a deal, beltalowda. You cover the first story, I’ll see what earrings my wife has.

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GAMES NEWS! 11/02/19

Matt: Good morning, Quintin! I awaken from a vivid dream in which the twist at the end of Return of the Jedi was that the whole thing was entirely being imagined by a man called Ryan who worked in Market Research, who was having a fantasy about what it might be like to be a smuggler called “Han Solo”.

And now – as if by space magic – I’m being thrown straight back into Star Wars again. Another game in the genre of Firefly, Merchant of Venus, or Xia: Legends of a Drift System – Star Wars: Outer Rim sees players competing to be the cream of the galaxy’s scum and villainy. Flying around space, smuggling goods, hiring recognisable crew members and reasonably frequently rolling some dice.

Quinns: Let us apply Occam’s Razor. Is the simplest possible explanation here that you, Matt Lees, created this game in a dream?

Matt: Yes

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