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Review: Arctic Scavengers: Recon

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By Quintin Smith on July 28, 2015

Quinns: HELLO! And keep your voice down. It’s me, Arctic Scavengers Quinns, from our Arctic Scavengers review! Contrary to popular belief I didn’t die at the 10:26 mark. Like all good cliffhanger TV you didn’t see me get shot, leaving the screenwriters free to bring me back at a whim.

And we’ve got one heck of a juicy whim for you today. Arctic Scavengers: Recon is a big expansion for this phenomenal deckbuilding game of frosty bluffs, fully compatible with the “HQ” expansion in the base game. It’s also available in a box that combines Recon, HQ and the base game, which is quite the offers if this deceitful game slipped you by the first time.

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Games News! 27/07/15

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By Quintin Smith on July 27, 2015

Quinns: The Shut Up & Sit Down site was down today from 10:45am GMT to 5pm GMT. That meant we couldn't access the backend, so we couldn't write the news. So we did it in this Google Doc instead.

It's been a FANTASTIC news week, though! You must go take a look. Fantasy Flight announced a new edition of Fury of Dracula! Bezier Games announced One Night Ultimate Vampire! There's an amazing article about the English-language reimagining of Mysterium, and we learn about one of board games' most iconic covers.

Enjoy, everybody! And try not to make too much of a mess...


Review: Fief

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By SU&SD on July 24, 2015

SU&SD is host to a grand old game today! Fief is a negotiation-heavy wargame that's been around since 1981, and a fancy new edition titled Fief: France 1429 has just arrived. What will the boys make of it?

This review features a special segment on WHEN BOARD GAMES GO BAD. It's a tear-jerker.


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Crafty: How Pip Made Guess Who Better!

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By Pip Warr on July 23, 2015

Pip: I hadn't really thought of what I did to my copy of travel Guess Who as modding – it was just a fun project which saved me from a gift-giving conundrum. But Quinns thought other people might fancy doing something similar so he asked me to share the instructions. First, though, some backstory:

Sometimes there are people in your life who are impossible to buy presents for. These people are terrible jerks. They often have a single big main interest or hobby. “Hooray,” you think. “I will buy them a thing from this interest or hobby and all will be well. This is genius!”

Then you realise that actually they buy everything they value from that hobby the second it comes out and if they don't own it it's because it's not worth having or is beyond the reach of a mortal wallet.

“Don't worry,” they say magnanimously. “I'm sure I will love whatever you get me.”

These are the words of a terrible jerk.

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Hang with SU&SD at Gen Con '15!

the return of question jengawe promise quinns won't get that drunk again

By SU&SD on July 21, 2015

Quinns: "The best four days in gaming" (or at least the most ludicrous) are just around the corner! Following our inaugral expedition last year, team SU&SD will once again be heading to Gen Con to meet strange new beverages, play some strangers and drink deeply of new games.

If you're going too, we've got a couple of events for you to attend!

You can now buy tickets for our Second Ever Live Podcast! This time we're expecting working microphones, although we've been downgraded from a 300 person room to 250 people. Next year we'll get our heads around Gen Con's arcane ticketing system, we promise, followed by a live breakdown in front of 1,000 people.

No tickets whatsoever are required for our PARTY, though! Tomlinson's Tap Room (pictured above) is once again opening its doors to us and anyone who'd like to meet us from 7pm to 11pm on Friday 31st. Last year we ran Two Rooms and a Boom and then wandered around playing games people had brought. This year? Who knows! I'm threatening to run Still Life but the others will talk me out of it if they know what's best.

We hope to see you there. x


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Games News! 20/07/15

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By SU&SD on July 20, 2015

Quinns: Paul, wake up. It’s time to do the Games News again! This week, we have all sorts of interesting things. There’s technology and Italians and convention news! Hurry up, we can’t dally!

Paul: Oh boy, was I sleeping? Why was I sleeping?

Quinns: I got excited about Flick 'Em Up and threw a wooden chopping board at your head.

Paul: Flick 'em Up? The wild west dexterity game you spotted back at the Gathering of Friends (that we weren't invited to)?

Quinns: The very same. Professional press photos have been released, and first time publishers Pretzel Games has already announced an expansion adding horses, lassos and ramps!

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Review: Star Wars: Imperial Assault

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By Matt Lees on July 17, 2015

After failing to steal a miniature AT-ST in last year's Gen Con special, Matt, Paul and Quinns have come together to deliver the definitive, official verdict on Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Is it better than its predecessor, Descent 2nd Edition? Why is Paul grunting at the camera? And why does Quinns look so sad? You'll have your answers to all this, AND MORE.

WARNING: We're currently having our copyright for this video reviewed! This is not a joke. If the link goes down, we'll repair it ASAP. Parody is fair use!


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Miniatures Game Review: Warmachine & Hordes

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By SU&SD on July 15, 2015

[We're thrilled to welcome back Eric Tonjes, SU&SD company Nebraskan and miniatures gaming expert, for a second review! If you missed his first column click here, and if you missed why a review of Warmachine is topical this week have a peek at the news.]

Eric: Welcome back to our survey of the world of miniatures wargames. This week, our game is Warmachine and Hordes. “But wait,” you might be thinking. “Eric, aren't those two games?”

Well, my imaginary interlocutor, sort of. Warmachine is a game about steam powered robots with smokestacks bigger than their legs, where wizards shoot spells out of pistols and your “warcaster” channels their willpower to bend the battlefield to their plans. Hordes, by contrast, is a game about lumbering monsters with fists bigger than their heads, where wizards shoot spells out of staffs and your “warlock” channels their rage to bend the battlefield to their plans.

Other than their different resource systems and specific units, they use exactly the same rules and setting and can be played against each other. Indeed, Hordes is often referred to under the umbrella of “Warmachine” (a convention I will continue here), or the grammatically monstrous “Warmahordes” (which I will hopefully never type again).

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