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Games News! 30/03/15

By Quintin Smith on March 30, 2015

Quinns: This Games News is dedicated to Shadow of Nerekhall, the Descent campaign that I finished this weekend. Above you can see my table after the Finale, where the heroes resolutely failed to stop the Overlord's ynfaernal demons from overrunning the burning city.

Tim? Ian? You fought nobly. May your heroes rest in peace in the plastic bag in my copy of Descent for heroes who have died and can never be chosen again.

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Review: Star Wars: Armada


By Quintin Smith on March 27, 2015

Paul: Oh God, my head... Quinns? Quinns, why are you here? What did we do last night? Where are my pants?

Quinns: How much wine did you have? Oh, it was beautiful, Paul. We circled each other for hours, laughing, getting closer and ever closer. Finally, I got past your shields. It was wonderful.

Paul: Oh no.

Quinns: Then you activated your squadrons and managed to disable my turbolasers with your mighty TIE bombers.

Paul: Oh no. Wait. What?

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Podcast #26 and Spoken Articles are Up!


By SU&SD on March 25, 2015


Head over to our podcast section and you'll find that we've fixed the RSS feed of Paul's Greatest Gaming Memory, Brendan's Rooky Errors is now available in audio format replete with the boy's smoky Irish voice, and the 26th EVER SU&SD podcast is now available.

As always, the new podcast marks an exciting time to be alive. This time Paul, Matt and Quinns enjoy a feverish discussion of the inventive Bring Your Own Book, the devious Dragon's Gold and the fabulous Imperial Assault.

Ooh! Get it all in and around your ears, pronto.


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Games News! 23/03/15

By Quintin Smith on March 23, 2015

Quinns: Good morning, kiddos! Please form an orderly queue and allow me to vaccinate you against the most deadly disease of all: Ignorance.

No, wait, sorry. I had the wrong tab open. It's ebola. Pandemic: Legacy will be arriving late this year, turning the fantastic game of disease-battling (see our review here) into a single, apocalyptic, simulated year at the Centre for Disease Control. Excited? You're not the only one. Z-Man has already received a preposterous 50,000 pre-orders.

This week, Shut Up & Sit Down was invited to play a finished prototype of the game. An event we were wholly unable to make because Brendan got his arm stuck behind a radiator again. Instead, we left that job to the data hounds of Board Game Geek news, who've posted a blog on the inner-workings of this box, though you'll find a summary below.

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Review: Monikers

mall santait's mall santais it mall santait must be mall-OH MY GOD IT'S TAPEWORM

By Quintin Smith on March 20, 2015

Remember when we told you that Skull was the game that'll make you and your friends shout the loudest? Monikers (Amazon link here) might be the funniest game we've ever reviewed. Weirder still, it might be more than 100 years old.

We've always suspected that old things were the best, but now we know. Time to cancel those forthcoming reviews of Armada and Dragon's Gold. Next week, we'll be reviewing whist, football and tuberculosis.


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Review: Mysterium

dreamy psychicsincompetent ghoststoast crumbsterror crumbs

By Quintin Smith on March 17, 2015

Quinns: Everybody, stop! STOP!

[Montage of factory workers looking up from industrial machinery. Doctors and nurses looking up from their surgery. Soldiers locked in deadly hand-to-hand combat, who freeze and turn to face the camera as one.]

I’ve played a new board game and it’s really, really good!

[Amiable mumbling as factory workers loosen their aprons and turn to face the camera, doctors take five on the edge of the operating table as blood spurts into the air, soldiers dust one another off and sit cross-legged like toddlers.]

Mysterium is a co-op game of ghosts, murder and hilarious incompetence, in that order. All but one player is a psychic spending the night in a horrid house where a killing took place. The final player, who may not speak, is a ghost sending everyone else horrible dreams. The ghost must guide the psychics to the correct murder weapon, crime scene and culprit before the week is over, or... well, I’m not sure. Maybe the psychics have concert tickets. It doesn't matter, and you won't care. You'll be laughing too much and thinking too hard.

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Games News! 16/03/15

By Quintin Smith on March 16, 2015

Quinns: HELLO everybody! I'm back from running the board game lounge of San Francisco's Game Developer's Conference and am now 90% tacos and 10% flu germs. I think my skeleton was confiscated by customs on the way home.

We'll get to the news in a second, I just have to tell you what we've got coming in the next two weeks, because I couldn't be more excited.

Just to start, we're playing the biggest UK Megagame EVER this weekend, controlling Japan in a game with no less than 47 game masters. We'll be bringing that to you guys as a two-part documentary. Paul's back in the UK this weekend to play it so we'll be recording two (TWO) podcasts. Then we've got reviews of Mysterium, Star Wars: Armada, Imperial Assault and Alchemists all lined up.

My goodness. But let's start, as always, with the humble Games News.

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Review: Saboteur

peek at my depositssome dwarves just want to watch the world burnits dwarfs or dwarves

By Paul Dean on March 15, 2015

Paul: The problem I’m having writing this review is, rather than simply telling you how Saboteur works, I really want to give you a selection of quotes from some of my recent games. The thing is, none of these will be remotely illuminating, since they’re all going to be the same sort of questions, which all go like this:

“What are you doing?!” “Why did you do that?!” “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!”

Or they’ll be the same sort of answers, which go like this:

“I’m helping!” “I have no choice!” “JUST TRUST ME.”

Or they’ll be the same end-of-round exasperation, the same old post-battle cry of Saboteur:


I guess Saboteur is something of a game of soundbites.

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