Review: Zombie 15'

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By SU&SD on Oct. 31, 2014

Roll over, Zombie Dice. Zombicide? It's history. Zombie 15' is our game for Halloween in 2014! A real-time, co-operative 15 minute game of 15 year-olds fighting their way past restless dead across 15 missions.

The question isn't whether Paul and Quinns like it. It's whether they can succeed at reviewing it in a single 15 minute take. Enjoy, everybody!


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Reminder: Have you visited the SU&SD forums?

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By SU&SD on Oct. 31, 2014

Quinns: Hey everybody! Donations for our fourth ever Gold Club bag* close tonight, which means you won't be able to donate for a while, which means the window to donate anything at all and get access to our new forums will be closed for a bit. So why not drop us $1 today, make a donor account and join a community full of lovely people?

There are discussion boards for board games and RPGs, sure. But there's also a burgeoning play-by-forum community, people organising the very first SU&SD meetups, and the development of the a new noun known as the "Pearvert".

What a time to be alive, eh? Come on in, folks. The water's lovely.

(*Featuring Matt's Guide to Being a Bard, Paul's Adventure Module "Lair of the Bee Lord", a custom SU&SD promo for Neuroshima Hex and lots more!)


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New Podcast: Sean Bean Quest

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By SU&SD on Oct. 30, 2014

Last month Grant Howitt Kickstarted a silly RPG called Goblin Quest. A game where players take the role of a steady stream of goblins trying to compete banal tasks, but mostly just dying along the way.

This week Grant sent us a preview of one of the variants in the back of the book, titled "Sean Bean Quest". The less you know about this the better. Just head over to our podcast section (or look up Shut Up & Sit Down on iTunes!) and enjoy Matt, Paul and Quinns approaching never-before-seen levels of silliness.

Goblin Quest can be pre-ordered here.


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Games News! 27/10/14

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By Quintin Smith on Oct. 27, 2014

Quinns: Morning everyone! How are we all? It's a lovely sunny day in London, with Autumn air crisp enough that you could take a bite out of it. Just the thing to chase away my memories of being a cutthroat bastard in a game of Chinatown at the weekend. I'll tell you what else- I can't remember the last time I played a game and immediately had so much to talk about. Expect a review as soon as we can manage.

There's only one thing to say about the imminent "Designer Edition" of classic area control game Small World, and that is oh my god, oh my GOD, MOTHER, COME HERE AND LOOK AT THIS IMMEDIATELY. That's it up top, if you hadn't guessed.

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The Opener: Sheriff of Nottingham & Chicken Apple Bread

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By Matt Lees on Oct. 24, 2014

The Opener returns with another game to get your friends into board gaming! This time it's Sheriff of Nottingham. Would you like to see your mum smuggle five barrels of mead past your dad? Or watch your girlfriend get busted with a "cheese cart" full of crossbows? Of course you would.

This game's got a history, actually. Originally a 2006 Brazilian release titled Jogo da Fronteira, it had little tin suitcases with players trying to smuggle cigars, tequila and ancient relics around South America. In 2011 it was rethemed as Robin Hood, before finally receiving yet another overhaul in this year's Sheriff of Nottingham. The more you know!


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Review: Dog Eat Dog

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By SU&SD on Oct. 22, 2014

Brendan: Dog Eat Dog is one of those rare games we come across that do not necessarily have ‘fun’ as the end goal but, like Freedom: The Underground Railroad, try to impart some wisdom on their way through your life. It is thoughtful and intelligent and just a little uncomfortable. It’s a game with a point to make and it makes it worryingly well. If I were to describe it using SUSD’s internal style guide, “Rulez, Regulationz and Ztuff” I would call it an indie RPG about the colonisation of an island and the resultant back ‘n’ forth between ‘native’ and ‘occupier’. But since I already burned my style guide when it suggested I use ‘paragraphz’, I will have to settle for this description:

Dog Eat Dog should be taught in schools.

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The Magic Position

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By SU&SD on Oct. 20, 2014

Quinns: Morning everybody! This week the entire board game industry is rammed into Essen's convention centre, so the only news story we have is of a new collectible Magic: The Gathering board game! It looks an awful lot like Heroscape but less interesting. Mike said it best: "Monochromatic miniatures, poor terrain, and absolutely no chance that a dinosaur will eat a robot while an army man watches."

If you're interested in the details then Board Game Geek has already uploaded a comprehensive Essen preview video, but I'm unconvinced. I want to revisit Magic: The Gathering like I want to revisit puberty.

Speaking of which, as we don't have any more news this week why don't I share my sad story of playing Magic when I was a kid? Take a seat. Or if you're at work, slide your wheely chair a little closer to your PC, creating a calming snugness between your thighs and your desk. It's almost like being in bed.

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The Wet Retirement Special

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By SU&SD on Oct. 17, 2014

Quinns is planning for his future this week, and for some reason two very wet games are involved. The dastardly Black Fleet, together with venerable 1982 release Survive: Escape From Atlantis. Who knew such an old game was still treading water!

Rumours that we develop our specials using a random word generator have been MODERATELY EXAGGERATED. Drunken bets are also involved.