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Games News! 15/09/14

mammoth zipsthicker tashrare aliensgoing full beige

By Quintin Smith on Sept. 15, 2014

Quinns: Morning, everybody! I know these pieces usually appear at about 5pm GMT, but I like that greeting too much to change it. As such, I'm now ruling that it is never "midday" in England until after the Games News. Please update your calendars accordingly.

I'm gonna lead with the week's Kickstarters, but only because our first one has just four hours left! Rogues to Riches looks just lovely. This is storytelling & card game hybrid that casts the players as thieves sharing stories of last night's exploits. Can you explain to the other players how you used nothing but your hat to steal the pub's most valuable sandwich?

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Review: Dead of Winter

exiling kidscleaning poopkilling zombiesfinding medicinecleaning poop again

By SU&SD on Sept. 12, 2014

In one of our most anticipated reviews of the year, Paul and Quinns have hunkered down in their rubbish-strew hideaway for a spoiler-free analysis of Dead of Winter (which isn't yet available at Amazon so that link takes you to the publishers' own shop).

Like SU&SD favourite City of Horror, here's a zombie game that isn't about zombies. Rather, Dead of Winter wants to tell you a story of a freezing cold colony where men and women are exiled over a lost tin of beans, and the degree to which you trust your friends could save you as easily as get you killed.

Did we mention it's the first board game we've reviewed with a sex scene? Oh, yes.


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Review: Camel Up

relinquishing controla lacing of terrordead starshumping

By Quintin Smith on Sept. 10, 2014

Quinns: As you’d imagine, we take our time with the games we review. There are tea breaks. Pee breaks. We’ll pass around a bit of cardboard, saying things like “Feel how thick that is!” and “That’s quite thick actually”. But yesterday? Yesterday, we were in a hurry.

“PUT YOUR FINGER HERE,” I ordered. Matt cautiously slipped a forefinger into the recess of my toy pyramid, letting me wrestle a rubber band around its neck.

“OK," I began. "We’re going to bet on some camels now. It’s going to be fun, OK? This game won an award. Now everybody sit down and listen to the rules because we only have half an hour oh jesus is that the time let's go let's go”

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Games News! 08/09/14

paul dean vs. the killer robertscrab productionberm squerdwho is jessica hyde

By Quintin Smith on Sept. 8, 2014

Quinns: Morning, everyone. The bad news is, you're all going to die because the end of the world is coming. The good news is, you can pick your flavour of ragnarok.

I'm referring to Fantasy Flight's new range of pen and paper role-playing games! From left to right they'll cover zombies, angry gods, aliens and murderous machines. In a great little twist, though, all the players control themselves. So, Paul Dean and Matt Lees having to use their real-life skills to survive when their fridges and lawnmowers start wanting them dead.

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The Opener: Cash 'n Guns and Sausages and Mash and Onions and Gravy

potatoespedrolaughing in the moneyadventures in onionland

By Matt Lees on Sept. 5, 2014

Matt's definitive series on getting your friends and family into gaming, The Opener, has made its delicious return!

This week Matt looks at the brand-spanking new edition of Cash 'n Guns, a game of criminals dividing the "take" after a "heist" by "shooting one another", before ending the video with a lovely recipe for bangers'n'mash. It's basically the closet we'll come to filming Snatch.


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Paul's Thank You for Gen Con

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By Paul Dean on Sept. 3, 2014

Paul posted this on his blog a few days back and we thought we'd share it here. It's a personal thanks to everyone who made our GenCon such a blast, as well as our absolutely brilliant community, but it's also something a little bit reflective.

We can't thank you enough. Your support has been fantastic. We must have one of the kindest, smartest and funniest communities on the internet. We want you to know we appreciate that very much.

Paul: Thank you for Gen Con, everyone.

What I thought would happen when I got back from Indianapolis would be my sitting down at this desk to collect my thoughts together and then write some words of appreciation. What actually happened was that I slept for twelve hours, peered at the world for about four and then slept for another eight. My first Monday back is a day that I will never know anything about. After, I had the worst (still ongoing) case of writer’s block in a year and I found collecting my thoughts on everything that happened was actually a lot like trying to separate salt from sugar.

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Games News! 02/09/14

needless dazzleneoclassical car warfarehello snow guycheeky quinns

By Quintin Smith on Sept. 2, 2014

Quinns: It's the games news! It's a slow news day, though, where even our top stories are trundling like treacle down a sandy slope, so we're letting loose a blast of our own news.

Our FORUM (hence the header image, do you see) is now just around the corner. While we're expecting it to be every bit as kind and respectful as our comments, if the movies of Bruce Willis have taught us one thing, it's that sometimes polite society needs tough dudes to walk around with no shoes on.

If being a forum moderator is something you think you'd be good at, you'll find the application email address after the break.

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The Very Professonal Gen Con Special!

hot justiceegg placea place for eggswe sell towels

By SU&SD on Aug. 30, 2014

In August 2014 we traveled to the magical realm of Indianapolis, for the lake Geneva Gen Con Convention of games. Sporadically, between the games, beef dinners and amazing people we'd remember to turn our camera on. PRESENTING: The Very Professonal Gen Con Special!

Watch us try our luck in a True Dungeon! Hear what Risk Legacy creator Rob Daviau has to say for himself in a hungover interview! See the hottest games sweat under our studio lighting! And make sure your nan's not around for the Hot Cosplay segment. Enjoy, everybody.