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The Magic Position

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By SU&SD on Oct. 20, 2014

Quinns: Morning everybody! This week the entire board game industry is rammed into Essen's convention centre, so the only news story we have is of a new collectible Magic: The Gathering board game! It looks an awful lot like Heroscape but less interesting. Mike said it best: "Monochromatic miniatures, poor terrain, and absolutely no chance that a dinosaur will eat a robot while an army man watches."

If you're interested in the details then Board Game Geek has already uploaded a comprehensive Essen preview video, but I'm unconvinced. I want to revisit Magic: The Gathering like I want to revisit puberty.

Speaking of which, since we don't have any more news this week why don't I share my sad story of playing Magic when I was a kid? Take a seat. Or if you're at work, slide your wheely chair a little closer to your PC, creating a calming snugness between your thighs and your desk. It's almost like being in bed.

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The Wet Retirement Special

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By SU&SD on Oct. 17, 2014

Quinns is planning for his future this week, and for some reason two very wet games are involved. The dastardly Black Fleet, together with venerable 1982 release Survive: Escape From Atlantis. Who knew such an old game was still treading water!

Rumours that we develop our specials using a random word generator have been MODERATELY EXAGGERATED. Drunken bets are also involved.


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Podcast #22: The OctoberCast

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By SU&SD on Oct. 16, 2014

Halloween is upon us! That wonderful time of the year where bumps are forcibly inserted into the night and we can bookend our latest podcast with creaky door sound effects. You'll find its shambolic, re-animated form live in our podcast section (together with the usual iTunes and RSS feed links).

In this horrifying installment we discuss the gore-flecked teenagers of Zombie 15', the forbidden pouches of Sheriff of Nottingham, the... uh... terrifying suburbs and sidewalks of Subdivision, before finally giving up and chatting about the new edition of D&D, indie RPG Dog Eat Dog and Paul's trip to FiraxiCon.

Listen... IF YOU DARE.


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Games News! 13/10/14

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By SU&SD on Oct. 13, 2014

Quinns: Morning everybody! Can you feel it? Halloween has officially begun. Yesterday Paul and I recorded a spooky podcast announcing the game we'll review at the end of the month, and in the evening I went to see long-running London play Ghost Stories. Which, if you've got a free evening in our city and felt like peeing yourself a little bit, I can't recommend highly enough.

So naturally we begin our news with forthcoming board game Planes! Scariest of all the modes of transport. Imagine opening your bedroom curtains at night and seeing a plane right there, staring in at you! It doesn't bear thinking about.

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Review: Steam Park

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By SU&SD on Oct. 10, 2014

Now for a very special "Retro" edition of SU&SD! ...because we accidentally filmed it in 640x480!

Trust us to make this mistake for one of the loveliest boxes of the year, too. Steam Park is a game about building theme parks for hard-working robots. A game of teeny-tiny three-dimensional information kiosks, roller coasters and haunted houses.

That said, it's also a game where you can build a Tunnel of Love that seats just one, and once you put a robot in there he'll never leave and begin vomiting uncontrollably. Probably just buy it and figure out for yourself whether this is the nicest or darkest game ever.


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Review: Illegal

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By SU&SD on Oct. 9, 2014

Quinns: Pip, can I tell you about my favourite moment in our game of Illegal?

Pip: Go on then.

Quinns: It was when I crossed the living room to see you and Paul conducting the worst drug deal ever. “Do you want a drug?” he asked, in the embarrassed tones of someone asking if you needed the toilet. “It’s a good drug. It’s good! Do you want a drug, or maybe two?” I was laughing so hard that I ruined your transaction from across the room.

Pip: Maybe that would be a really good strategy if you were a real drug dealer – being so awkward and middle class about it all that the police think it's a double bluff and don't bother arresting you.

Quinns: Hang on. Was Paul actually dealing drugs in my house?

Pip: So! Tell us more about Illegal [RUN PAUL, RUN]

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Games News! 06/10/14

By SU&SD on Oct. 6, 2014

Quinns: Good morning everybody! At least, I think it's morning. Popular new videogame Destiny has afflicted Team SU&SD like a Dinklebot-powered plague. Sleep has become a luxury. Buttocks have fused with beanbag chairs. As I type this my right index finger is continually twitching, still trying to attain headshots on digital aliens. I'm not sure I can remember how to Games News, but I shall try.

Ooh, they've released the full rules for the new Space Cadets expansion, Resistance Is Mostly Futile, and it will add a SPACE KRAKEN. Which is probably the only thing that could have made our Let's Play any more ridiculous.

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Paul's Roleplay Design Diary! Part 4

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By Paul Dean on Oct. 3, 2014

Paul: Everybody should make things. When I was younger, I used to worry that I didn't contribute enough things to the world. I watched TV programmes made by other people on a device invented by someone else in a house built by someone else. I was a consumer, forever digesting other people's outputs. It made me very restless.

It wasn't entirely true. I'd been making things since I was small. Most of those things had been entirely fictitious, but that didn't stop me writing about them, embellishing them and trying to bring them to life. World-building is an underrated thing and I hope you all try it some time. Actually, I hope you've all already been trying it some time or other, because I can't imagine anyone not. Surely we all enjoy flexing our creative muscles and going on flights of fantasy? I bet you've all got at least one weird and wild word inside your head.

Here's one for you to enjoy, with its setting, its skills and its shiny dice.

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