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Amazing Star Wars Adventures! Pt. 2

bounty huntingsbeetle's horrible rivet gunwe have a hostage?we have a hostage!

By SU&SD on July 29, 2014

Now LIVE in our podcast section is part 2 of our entirely amazing Star Wars adventures! In this session our team of heroes arrive at a space station, kill an orc (kind of), succeed at crime (mostly) and (almost) begin working as a team. I'm calling it now. There is no way this ends well.

If you missed part 1, we should stress that we haven't retreated into a child-like fantasy world and are in fact playing the new Star Wars RPG. Newcomers will definitely want to check out part 1 where our story begins.

The dramatic caper of the Crap Plastic Artifact will conclude next week!


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Games News! 28/07/14

the ultimate resistance of the octopi against the terrible trains of the rising sun

By Quintin Smith on July 28, 2014

Quinns: Morning, everyone! How was your weekend? I woke up today with my friend Olly sprawled across my sofa after some hot, late-nite Pictomania. Such a tragedy that that game didn't sell! It's Vlaada Chvátil's secret best work. If you ever see a copy in the wild, pounce on it instantly and without doubt, like a tiger upon a juicy gazelle.

Oh man, I'm going to get some juice. Be right back.

Our first story is that well-respected 2009 release Hansa Teutonica (seen above) is receiving a reprint this year as well as an expansion, Hansa Teutonica: Britannia, adding an optional new board to play on and revised 2 player rules.

I've never played it, but I can tell you that the fancy Latin name isn't hiding much in the way of theme. Hansa Teutonica is a game about building offices and trading routes in the middle ages, immediately putting me in mind of the comedic-sounding yet actually pretty great Thurn & Taxis. A game where players run a 17th century German postal service. I know! Just like you always dreamed.

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Review: Lords of Vegas

gamblingsincriminal enterpriseraspberry vodkareturn of the shirt

By SU&SD on July 25, 2014

We've got a rare trio of reviews for you today! Paul and Quinns pop their collective collars to examine the bright dice and the big cities of Lords of Vegas, Las Vegas and Roll For It!. One of which they're wholeheartedly recommending, and the other two they're being very mean to.

Phew! The boys' living room hasn't seen this much sin since they ordered extra-cheese pizza back in '09. They couldn't finish the thing and had to throw half of it away! Ah, to be young again.


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Review: Russian Railroads

buckets of mathsfearsome enginesdelicious scotch eggs™

By SU&SD on July 24, 2014

Quinns: At the end of last year the rumbling around Russian Railroads became unignorable. Once a day I’d notice my mug of tea trembling as this game’s engine sped across the internet with a roar of hype. I decided to let it pass, though, knowing that if the rumours were true then this train, then progress itself would soon arrive at my sleepy flat.

Sure enough, Z-Man Games recently sent it over. Russian Railroads is a proud, barrel-chested member of a category called “Hard Euros”, and while that sounds like a DVD you’d find in the bargain bin of a sex shop* these are among the least sexy of games. Rather than forcing players to battle directly (which is RUDE), Eurogames offer a proxy-puzzle for players to simultaneously sweat over.

You might remember our review of T’Zolkin: The Mayan Calendar, with its dizzying, rotating gears, or our awe at the piglet maths of Castles of Burgundy, or our more recent video reviews of Caverna or Terra Mystica, each one an impressive eurogame. Today the industry is choked with these hale, rubust puzzles. Stepping inside the creaky carriage of Russian Railroads I had one question lurking at the bottom of my brain like cerebral sediment. “This game's going to be clever and all, but do we need it?”

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Podcast #18: The Turbocast

paul's crap casinobrendan's terrible tombquinns' doomed detective agency

By SU&SD on July 22, 2014

Podcast #18, "The Turbocast", has been sighted in our podcast section!

Not to be confused with podcast #17, the Megacast, the Turbocast sees Team SU&SD compressing 60 minutes of board game chatter into a super-dense 30 minutes. We recommended you pop your ears before listening so the change in pressure doesn't cause your head to collapse like an egg.

The games that underwent this revolutionary treatment were Trains and Stations, Lords of Vegas, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and Valley of the Kings. Finally, we provide the world's fastest, worst and most decisive Agony Aunt service.

Enjoy, everybody.


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Games News! 21/07/14

devastating subjectivity fieldsthat one forehead gamequinns' car sagafarts

By Quintin Smith on July 21, 2014

Quinns: Strings! My arch nemesis. First they annoyed the heck out of me during our review of String Railway, now they're worryingly close to drawing a pentagram at the top of this lovely site. What have strings ever done for us, eh?

The game you can see above is a prototype of Coven, an award-winning Canadian design that'll be arriving on Kickstarter later this year. Ordinarily I'd only report on a game that's only planning a Kickstarter if there weren't any more dramatic stories, for example a new edition of Monopoly or if Paul succeeded at trapping a fart in a jar. Coven, though, really does sound rather special.

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Your Favourite Gaming Moment

gamesdadsthe worst ever hypothetical game of stratego

By Quintin Smith on July 18, 2014

It's been a weird week. Heck, it's been a weird few years. Let's stop for a second, take a breath, and remember what this is all about.

Everyone! If you feel like it, leave your favourite gaming memory in the comments.


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Review: Eight-Minute Empire

my only regret is that i have but one life to give to the glorious nation of brendovia

By SU&SD on July 16, 2014

Paul: Brendan! That’s a fine flag there. What is that the flag of? An organisation? A cause? An idea? Please don’t tell me it’s the flag of those most arbitrary of constructions, the nation.

Brendan: This is the flag of the Brendovian Empire. You will respect it. You will honour it. You will put it on mugs and t-shirts and probably socks at some point. We have destroyed our enemies. Laid waste to continents. Far is the reach of Brendovia. No persons in the world match the might of our brave men and women. No foreign fiend can meet the ferocity of our will. Our national dish is lemon tart.

Paul: Is that… Is that the Brendovian flag on the news? Is that Panama? Has your empire invaded Panama!? I don’t understand. When did all this happen? When did you found an empire!?

Brendan: About eight minutes ago.

Paul: Oh no. I know exactly what you’ve been playing.

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