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Our Favourite 8 Games From Gen Con 2014!

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By SU&SD on Aug. 22, 2014

Paul: OK. That title isn't accurate at all.

Quinns: Yes, but "Our Favourite 7 Games From Gen Con '14 and One Game We Were Disappointed By" sounds silly and doesn't fit.

Paul: Fair enough. Wait, which game were we disappointed by? I thought everything was pretty great.

Quinns: You'll have to click through and FIND OUT!

Paul: But I work here

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Podcast #20: The Livecast!

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By SU&SD on Aug. 20, 2014

At Gen Con 2014 we hosted a special, live podcast for 300 of our closest fans. It was unbelievable, and it's now live in our podcast section. We offer our sincerest thanks to everyone who was there.

If you weren't there, contained within is us yammering about the new XCOM board game, Ca$h 'n Guns and one huge game of Two Rooms and a Boom, before running two games of our own! True (or False) Dungeon and Question Jenga. It's more madness than you can shake a sedative at.

[Photo credit goes to GameWire. Thanks guys!]


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Games News! 18/08/14

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By Quintin Smith on Aug. 18, 2014

Quinns: My goodness! 18 hours of travelling to Indianapolis, 4 jam-packed days of Gen Con, I've just this second arrived home after another 18 hours of travelling and now it's time to do the Games News again. Don't feel sorry for me, friends! If I wasn't working I'd probably be asleep on all fours, with my face (and only my face) on the bed. This way I'll get to sleep at a more sensible hour.

Gen Con was astonishing, by the way. We're going to try and salvage the audio of our live podcast first, then post a huge preview article, and finally release our Gen Con special episode. It's going to be a superb couple of weeks.

SO! Hot on the heels of Fantasy Flight announcing Star Wars: Armada, they've come out with the biggest X-Wing news of the year. We're getting a third faction, to go with the Rebels and Imperials! Scum and Villainy will arrive in a big box full of cards to convert some existing ships to Team Scum, and a suite of old ships with new paint-jobs and brand-new ships will be arriving too.

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SU&SD Play... Archipelago: War & Peace

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By SU&SD on Aug. 15, 2014

Sun! Sea! Sand! And the growing threat of murder from an indigenous populace. Before we jetted off for the Lake Geneva Gen Con Convention we snuck in a cheeky game of Archipelago with the War & Peace expansion.

If you haven't heard of this one, definitely think about watching our review, even if it's just for the reference pineapple. This is a magnificent, strange, colourful game, but not an easy one. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Oh, and we know about the many and varied rules we got wrong. But it wouldn't be a SU&SD Let's Play without it, eh? Enjoy, everybody!


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Going to Gen Con? Meet SU&SD this Friday!

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By SU&SD on Aug. 12, 2014

Quinns: Above is one of the many, many confusing Google Image Search results for Gen Con. Gamers who've given up on the concept of hotels and are just sleeping in halls. This will truly be our team's most noble adventure.

Alas, our live podcast on Saturday is now sold out. But if you'd still like to meet us, we'll be at the Tomlinson Tap Room this Friday from 8pm onwards as part of the Pretend Money collective, a group of amazing people (and also us) who want to make board gaming better through technology.

Come along! Drink a beer. Bring a game. Teach a game! Make Paul sign your copy of Fluxx. We very much hope to see you there.


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Amazing Star Wars Adventures! Pt. 3

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By SU&SD on Aug. 12, 2014

Yes, we're still playing the Star Wars: Edge of Empire roleplaying game! No, our intrepid gang of sob stories and space-wastrels hasn't been arrested yet, and they await you in our podcast section. Or you can go here for all the sessions so far in one place. Do disinfect yourself after you visit with them, won't you?

In session #3 the gang stretch their luck to the very limits by attempting a heist at the height of a terrible electric storm. And... oh, no. Are they really pretending to be musicians as a cover story? With no knowledge of music, and no musical paraphernalia at all?


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Games News! 11/08/14

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By Quintin Smith on Aug. 11, 2014

Quinns: Hold onto your unmentionables! Fantasy Flight have apparently decided they had too much to announce at Gen Con later this week, and have revealed a couple of massive new games early. Very wise of them. The SU&SD supercomputer warns us that a press conference of sufficient magnitude might just reduce Indianapolis to a smouldering, game-shaped crater.

Appearing one miserable month after our glowing re-review of the X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars: Armada will offer some strikingly similar 2 player space battles, but EMBIGGENED. The profoundly personal pilot management of X-Wing replaced with cumbersome capital ships and whole, abstracted squads of fighter craft.

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Review: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

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By Quintin Smith on Aug. 8, 2014

Hold on to your wallets! Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is now available. Contained within its box is the pinnacle of puzzle technology, the supreme solo game, an astonishing coup for couples' gaming! Board games will never be the same again.

Hmm? What's that? You're saying it came out in 1981?

No, that's impossible. There... must be some mistake.