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Imperial Assault: Joining the Dark Sidekick

The Empire Strikes Back Again But Hopefully Not For Quite As Long

By Matt Lees on May 27, 2015

Matt: Initially, I didn’t spot the mistake. Enthusiastically firing out a message that proposed a date for a day of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, I was met with five excited replies. I looked at the box. "2-5 players". Bums.

Telling one soul that Christmas was cancelled while their sisters unwrapped a BMX mountain felt too cruel to be any kind of option - I had to make six players work.

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Games News! 26/05/15

lemony hummusbaffled meeplesrevolving roomslying wires

By SU&SD on May 25, 2015

Quinns: Paul, I’ve got great news!

Paul: Russia’s pulling out of Ukraine?

Quinns: No, I... we got an email from a reader called Timothy Meyer. He says-

Paul: The Western Black Rhino is no longer extinct?

Quinns: STOP IT he heard from Ystari customer service that the legendary Consulting Detective expansions, previously available only in French, will be arriving in English in January 2016!

New cases are coming! Don’t bury your copies of the phenomenal Sherlock Holmes game just yet.

Paul: I have taken a lot of medicine in a huge overreaction for what might be a very mild cold so let’s do this how could this news possibly go wrong there was caffeine in those painkillers I am so up for this let’s-

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Some Tips From SU&SD, 100 Videos In!

Also sugarJust use sugarSugar will get you through

By Quintin Smith on May 22, 2015

Quinns: Hello everybody!

It’s been a slow week on the site due to a scheduling snafu, so I’m here to wave a white flag and apologise. But wait, what’s that written on the white flag? Why, it’s news that Shut Up & Sit Down just passed 100 published videos!

While SU&SD is very precocious for a four year old, able to tell simple stories and bend over without falling (mostly), it’s the videos that we're most proud of. Since we receive a ton of emails about how to do what we do, I thought I’d do an FAQ.

Behold! Everything we’ve learned pratting around on camera for four years.

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Games News! 18/05/15

Any Item £1 Any Item £1 Any Item £1 Any Item £1 Any Item £1 Any Item £1

By SU&SD on May 18, 2015

Paul: Hello! Welcome to our Games News! Thanks for taking the time to look around. If you’ll step this way, we’ll show you why we think this Games News is not only one of the most exciting there is, but why it’s a Games News that's perfect for you.

Quinns: We’re all really excited about Games News here. Come this way, just put your umbrella in the rack. Stepping into the vestibule, we can see what is arguably the centrepiece of this wonderful and unique Games News.

Paul: Arguably.

Quinns: Arguably.

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SU&SD Play... Star Wars: Armada

space chickenstar potatoesluke is the harry potter of star wars

By Quintin Smith on May 15, 2015

Does anyone remember our written review of the fabulous Star Wars: Armada? No? Of course not. You lot are visual creatures. You need to watch us nudging these tiny Star Destroyers and tinier X-Wings around the table before you'll believe a word of it.

Today, we proudly present a full, 300 point game of Armada between Quinns and his friend Lovely Tim, bolstered with the first wave of expansions, including such vessels as the Star Potato and the Long Fellow(?).

Special Thanks to Youtube channel Mini War Gaming, whose handicam style we totally nicked.


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Review: Roll for the Galaxy

so much throbbingsteamy escape capsuleeverything wears a goatee

By Paul Dean on May 14, 2015

Paul: I think I can trace my excitement for custom dice right back to my earliest gaming experiences. Dice were supposed to be uniform, six-sided things that counted from one to six. The moment I saw that you could put other things on dice, my world was turned upside down. Icons? Pictures? Why stick to just six sides? Any shape you roll could be a die! What was to stop me shaving numbers into the dog’s fur and tempting her to roll about the hall floor to decide our gaming fates? Nothing, friends. Nothing.

The first time I heard about Roll for the Galaxy’s 111 multicoloured custom dice I had to be sedated. I don’t actually remember much of the day but Matt says they had to call an ambulance and I recall Quinns, Brendan and Leigh visiting me in a facility specially constructed and arranged to avoid reminding inmates of the platonic solids. Thing is, in that place we still had our black market deals that the staff didn’t know about. Ten pounds to touch a D12. Forfeit an evening meal to roll some X-Wing attack dice.

Oh yeah, Roll for the Galaxy. I’d better tell you about it.

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Games News! 11/05/15

the buttermilk cardthe chokeslam tilethe burger token

By SU&SD on May 11, 2015

[Begin SU&SD black box transcript for “Games News Dialogue: 11th May 2015.” Recovered by crews at 9:17am.]

[Recording begins, some sound of birdsong and footsteps.]



Quinns: Paul I know what-

Paul: DON’T COME IN HERE. Just tell me from behind the door.

Quinns: Paul, I know what you like most of all!

Paul: And what is that?

Quinns: Wrestling!

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Review: Witness

one gamesixty four questswitness the fitness

By SU&SD on May 8, 2015

We've got a HUGE game for you this week! Witness might look like a pre-schooler up-ended their homework over your table, but it's actually an inventive, sexy game of solving mysteries from the publishers of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

But while Sherlock is a game of wild theories and sweet sherries, Witness is no less than a game of swearing, sweating and whispering. Come take a look. You won't regret it.