Review: Food Chain Magnate

twerp eggscokey colathe terrible tale of alcotown and its five competing foodgangs

By SU&SD on Feb. 5, 2016

Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

The good news is that Food Chain Magnate is an absolute barn stormer of a game. A delicious puzzle patty rolled in thematic batter, deep fried across years of playtesting(?).

The bad news is that it became almost entirely sold out between us receiving this game and publishing the review. Your best bet is to pre-order straight from Splotter, or reserve a copy at your friendly local game shop (where it should be cheaper).


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Review: Blood Rage

the gorethe glorythe boobsthe surprise multi-ball bonus

By Quintin Smith on Feb. 3, 2016

Quinns: Ooh, hold on to your helms! Today we’re looking at Blood Rage. That’s exciting because (a) this box gathered positive reviews last year like a corpse gathers flies, and (b) it’s called BLOOD RAGE. If you were thinking of buying this miniature-stuffed box, read on! If you were hoping to find out what a blood rage is, I warn you: I still have absolutely no idea.

2-4 players in Blood Rage control viking clans, fighting for glory in the final moments before Ragnorok shatters the world and drowns it beneath the sea. Your goal is to pillage the board’s villages, undo your friends’ plans and lay claim to the prestigious central area containing the great tree Yggdrasil which connects the 9 worlds of Norse mythology. Then you pillage that, too.

Once again: I have absolutely no idea.

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How to play Fury of Dracula!

have fun hunting an old and potentially misgendered man across europe

By SU&SD on Feb. 1, 2016

You ask, and we provide! Our second ever How to Play video walks you through your first game of the sublime 3rd edition of Fury of Dracula.

Once again, this isn't a COMPLETE rules explanation (we forgot to mention that Dracula can't be found in sea spaces and doesn't place encounter cards, for a start), but it should certainly give everyone a ruddy good grasp of the game before you get stuck into the dirty business of questions and manuals.

Enjoy, everybody!


SU&SD Play... Concept

Man fast outsidestorm toolbird on a wire with goldie hawn

By Paul Dean on Jan. 29, 2016

What would it be like to live in a world without words? How difficult might it be to communicate the idea of a person, an object or a work of art through nothing but a collection of slightly ambiguous icons? How would that even go?

If you think the answers to those questions, in turn, are "Pretty awkward!" "Very difficult!" and "It would be a disaster!" then you're already primed for our first playthrough video of 2016. Paul sat down with some of his friends, a copy of Concept and some very simple rules:

  1. Divide into two teams of two.
  2. Play to a two minute turn limit.
  3. Choose the card (though not the exact concept) the other team must play.
  4. Play the game on the middle of its three difficulty levels. That should be fine, right?

This is what happened.


fall of magic header


different datesbird coinsempty spacesghost markets

By Hilary McNaughton on Jan. 27, 2016

Hilary: Ross Cowman's Fall of Magic is, indeed, magical. It's the kind of game you become immersed in, losing track of time, only to find yourself wandering out later from a rich and compelling world of your own creation. Like some wardrobe-portal to a new and fantastical land, you'll find yourself yearning to find a way back.

Luckily for all of us, continuing our journey to Umbra doesn’t require any train wrecks or magical paintings. Only one to three other players, and a few more hours of our time.

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GAMES NEWS! 25/01/16

the polisforbidden stringthe majesty of will stahl-timmins

By SU&SD on Jan. 25, 2016

Paul: Quinns, are you ready to do this?

Quinns: You ask that question and, immediately, I’m concerned.

Paul: It’s fine. It’s great. I have a great idea. This fortnight’s news has some big announcements but also games about POISON and STRING and CASTLES, which are three of my favourite things! I’ve decided the best thing would be if I beatboxed the news and you... sort of sang a song?

Quinns: No. No, that’s a dreadful idea.


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Review: Concordia

capitalist marmiteitalian relativeshello mister senator how are you today

By SU&SD on Jan. 22, 2016

Paul: Could this be the end for Shut Up & Sit Down? The year has barely started and yet it already seems that Quinns is... is leaving us? For a board game? Have any of you seen him? Please get in touch!

Face it, this was inevitable. We all knew the day would come. But why, of all games, was it Concordia? What's so special about it? And how will Matt and I cope with the news? (Clue: WE WON'T.)

That's a lot of questions, but fear not. All these and more are answered in this video. Probably. Maybe.


How to play Pandemic Legacy!

don't fear changeit's all gonna be okwe promise

By SU&SD on Jan. 18, 2016

Hang onto your socks! It's time for a brand-new regular feature on Shut Up & Sit Down. Starting today, on every other Monday we're going to deliver a quick, entertaining rules explanation of one of our absolute favourite games in place of a news post.

Our thinking behind this was threefold. One, we've had people writing in and asking for this for years. Two, doing half as many news posts means that our news posts all become more plump with the stories that matter, you're more excited to read them, and we're more excited to write them. Three, we mentioned last year that the site's focus has been drifting more towards established board gamers in recent years, something we wanted to correct. We think teaching you how to play the very best games around is nice way to keep the site relevant and exciting, but also making it more welcoming for newcomers.

Naturally, we had to kick off with our new #1 game of all time, Pandemic Legacy. After this, though, we want to work for you guys. If you have a game you'd like to see us teach, leave a comment!