Review – Beyond The Sun

There are so many ‘Zones’ In This Video, A Nice Dry Euro At Last, One Caveat Cupboard

In this week’s video review, Tom is blasting off into SPACE to find the spreadsheet of his dreams in a game packed to the gills with iconography. Is one large icon better than two, smaller icons? Find out right here!

As dry as Beyond The Sun most certainly is, it is also maybe my true game of last year – a total joy to play every single time. This review most certainly doesn’t do it justice (I even forgot to put the recommends badge!). Give it a spin on Board Game Arena if you’re curious, and grab copies whilst they’re fresh off the press x


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Tom will be streaming some Against The Storm tomorrow, at 9PM GMT! It's a roguelike city-building game - so expect some relaxed, cosy vibes whilst we tend to the needs of beavers and lizards. Tune in here:…

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