Review: 5 Solo* Games Reviewed in 5* Minutes!

Big Boss Brewster, Australia is far far away, Fired or hired hehe

In her debut review, new hire Emily has rounded up FIVE of the best solo-gaming experiences you can have RIGHT NOW. Grove – a petite 9 card puzzle to grow the most citrus, Resist! – a highly thematic hand-management game of Spanish resistance, Next Station: London – a flip-and-write of messy railway network construction, and For Northwood! – a lovely little trick-taker where making friends has never felt so helpless. She even finds time to squeak in a review of Dorfromantik: the board game – a peaceful campaign tile layer about building your own sweet little village. So many games for a debut! How will Emily handle the pressure?? Remarkably well, actually – she’s put us all to shame. Enjoy!