SU&SD’s Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Matt: Hello and welcome to The Shut Up & Sit Down 2023 Gift Guide Extravaganza-wham-o-palooza-video! We have got an entire pile of games for you, in a variety of different categories.

Tom: We’ve got so many games… it’s too many! Three categories!

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Review: 5 Solo* Games Reviewed in 5* Minutes!

In her debut review, new hire Emily has rounded up FIVE of the best solo-gaming experiences you can have RIGHT NOW. Grove – a petite 9 card puzzle to grow the most citrus, Resist! – a highly thematic hand-management game of Spanish resistance, Next Station: London – a flip-and-write of messy railway network construction, and For Northwood! – a lovely little trick-taker where making friends has never felt so helpless. She even finds time to squeak in a review of Dorfromantik: the board game – a peaceful campaign tile layer about building your own sweet little village. So many games for a debut! How will Emily handle the pressure?? Remarkably well, actually – she’s put us all to shame. Enjoy!

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Next Station: London

The city of London has commissioned you to redesign its underground network! Optimise connections, serve as many sights as possible and exploit the tunnels that pass under the Thames. Be careful to respect the specifications set by the city. Reveal the next Station card. Draw a new section Optimise the 4 tube lines Who will … Read more

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Podcast #179 – Small Game City

In this meagre episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Matt are talking about three whole boxes with games inside of them!! First up is MAGIC BINGO, also known as Via Magica – a game of wizards and crystals that your (imaginary) family might enjoy. We then talk about the disastrous urban planning of Next Station: London, before getting thoroughly confused by Cryptid: Urban Legends.

Finally, we take a trip to the forbidden zone to chat about Square Valley – a delightful little mobile game that is… ‘Quite Boardgames’.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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