Review: Mascarade Expansion

I'm the princess, no you're not, yes i am, no really, no i'm serious, no seriously
Review: Mascarade Expansion
Matt: Remember those hot hot nights when we wore those masks, and danced as if our legs might melt any moment? I don't remember that time either - just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. Mascarade was a fun game with sexy art that forcibly entered my heart last year when I covered it for The Opener. The premise is simple: nobody knows what's going on, it'll only get worse as things go on, and you're almost definitely not the queen but nobody else seems to have clocked that.

There are tons of hidden identity thingers to choose from these days, but what sets Mascarade apart from the crowd is the fact that you're often not sure of who YOU are, let alone who everyone else might be. Taking a look at your card takes your whole turn so I'M THE BLOODY KING becomes I'M THE BLOODY KING, PROBABLY.

The general gist of all this chaotic magic is probably best expressed in my aforementioned video, so if you're totally clueless seep that into your face and then come back to absorb my thoughts on the new, first expansion - because for reasons I'll make clear shortly this may be a good time to go all-in and buy both.

Mascarade Expansion

The Masquerade resumes anew! Will you succumb to the charms of the Courtesan, or the spells of the Necromancer? Contains 13 Character cards; 13 Character tokens; 1 Cemetery card; 1 rulebook; 5 game aids.