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Welcome to the official start of SU&SD’s year! We’ve been up to all kinds of unofficial business while you’ve been away, of course. Yesterday I had some friends over to try the print’n’play version of Spyfall, and the week before Matt experienced Fluxx for the first time. He didn’t have to tell us. When we saw him he had tears streaking his face, and kept asking “Why?” over and over, looking for meaning in his shattered life. It was Pirate Fluxx, too. Do leave him some kind words in the comments.

But you’re not here for news about us, are you? About us and our lives and the inescapable entropy afflicting our corporeal forms? You’re here for the hottest scoops in board gaming news and I, for one, wouldn’t dare to waste your time.

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Review: Jungle Speed Safari

Review: Jungle Speed Safari

Quinns: What I love most about Jungle Speed Safari is your friends’ fear when you set it up. If there’s a rule the manual’s missing, it’s that you’ve got to play this up. “OK,” you announce, dealing out the game’s cards. “If you’re wearing rings, take them off. It’s impossible to get blood out of cards.”

“Funny joke,” says one of your friends. “That was a joke, right?”

“What?” you say, and then: “Can everybody see something purple in this room?”

Your friends look around, assess the room, their chairs. They start to panic. “What do you mean?” someone says. “What are the wooden things in the middle of the table? And what do these pictures on the cards mean? WHAT ARE WE PLAYING?”

“Shhh,” you say, pressing a finger to their lips. “Don’t be scared. It’ll all be over soon.”

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Jungle Speed Safari

Jungle Speed Safari

Normally, calm reigns supreme amongst the animals of the jungle. But when the time comes to eat, the animals gather round the forest of totems and their wild instincts take over. The hungriest animals race to catch their prey first. Others become angry and shout, whilst the chameleon hides. When the hunter appears, there is panic! The animals must protect themselves.

In turns, players flip the first card from their draw pile onto their score pile. Every card that is drawn eventually triggers an action. For example, if a player turns a hungry animal card, all players must race to grab the appropriate totem to satisfy the animal, the player that grabs the totem will add the hungry animal card to their score pile.

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Games News! 09/09/13

Dungeon Fighter

Quinns: Morning everybody! It’s got to be morning where one of you is, right?

You can see our top story illustrated just up there: Board gamers’ arms are hairier than ever before. The problem is now reaching critical levels. Coincidentally, also pictured above is our second top story, which is that the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game arriving in stores globally is, apparently, a bit good.

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Shutupshow Tweets

It's Monday! Another absolutely packed slate this week - or packed granite, packed limestone etc etc, if you'd prefer. Enjoy!…

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