Games News! 28/05/18

Paul: Hello, everybody, and welcome to this special Bank Holiday edition of Games News! For those of you who aren’t from the UK and not familiar with the concept, bank holidays are special days when banks are allowed to close, lift themselves up out of the ground and stride down to the beach, shedding bricks and mortar as they go. Each year, thousands are squashed by buildings stomping their way toward the sea. You might call it madness, but I call it tradition.

Anyway, board games, eh? They holiday for no-one. Let’s talk about the sudden explosion of board games from video games publisher Paradox Interactive!

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Review: Babel

Review: Babel

Matt Lees: Paul, do you like temples?

Paul Dean: I don’t really know much about temples and I don’t come across them much in Lewisham. The last templeish thing I saw was the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in San Francisco. It had some pretty unusual sculptures outside and I was too scared to go in, so I took some photos really quickly and then scurried off.

Matt: How many points do you think it was worth?

Paul: Pardon?

Matt: How many points? How many levels was it? Are they winning?

Paul: Oh I get it, this is a Babel review.

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In ancient times, monarchs built temples to demonstrate their wealth. The highest temple belonged to the wealthiest monarch. In this two-player game by Uwe Rosenberg, you are one of these long-forgotten monarchs. With the help of various nations, your temples will grow more and more beautiful, reaching ever closer to the sky. But beware of your opponent and the nations on his side, for they will want to destroy your temples and convince your own people to change sides…

So, who will be the greatest monarch?

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This week's review is a treat: Prepare yourself for EVIL MAGIC in this game of All-vs-1 Real-Time Rollin'!

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