Arena Rex

Rome, 1253 AUC: This is not the world you know. The Republic and the Empire thrive. Arenas dot the landscape. Warriors from lands both known and unknown perform upon the sands for the chance at freedom, riches, and eternal glory. Many choose this life, some are condemned to it — they will face men, beasts, and creatures of myth, all for the favor of the crowd.

Arena Rex is a game of gladiatorial combat. Battles of 3 to 6 combatants per side are recommended, and take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to play. Simple, intuitive rules offer myriad tactical possibilities.

Review: Arena Rex

grisly flourishes, nudey men, apoplexy, scotch, oil, a lack of magic
Arena Rex
[We were so happy with Eric Tonjes' work introducing us to miniatures games with his reviews of Infinity, Dropzone Commander, Warmachine, Malifaux and the Batman Miniatures Game that when we heard about a new, very special minis game we had to get him back.]

Eric: I've spent the last few months working those pectorals and drenching myself in olive oil. Why? So that I can now sit shirtless at my computer for a proper review of Arena Rex.