Podcast #115: Score the Boogie Bonus

“These are a few of my favourite sins”, The Rosenburg’s Parental Polycule, QueenTeen Smeeth, Widening To A Point Of Horror
July 31, 2020

Picture it now; you’re sitting in a lovely english garden in the midst of summertime. You’ve got a delicious cup of iced Bovril in your hand, and the sun is warming the grass under your feet. Life is bliss. Suddenly, a tall sweaty man and a short sweaty boy leap the fence – cracking open warm cans in mid-air – fistfuls of board game bits clutched in their four greasy hands. It’s time to podcast, baby.

In this undeniably very 115th episode of the Shut Up and Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns resume the age-old tradition of shirtless podcasting – kicking off with a chat about The Deadlies, before pinging over to Super Skill Pinball: 4Cade. Then, Quinns gets wistful about his foray into Fields of Arle, and we end on a highly controversial chat about Undaunted: North Africa. Strap in.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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2:41 – The Deadlies
11:45 – Super Skill Pinball: 4Cade
24:02 – Fields of Arle
33:40 – Undaunted: North Africa
46:14 – Go

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