The Shut Up & Sit Down Emotional Xmas Advert!

Thank You ♥

Tom: Happy Holidays, Humans! It’s that time of year again, where we thank you for your donations, let you know where the site is at, and rally a little more support to keep us going in the new year.

This is the first time I’ve done one of these, and I wanted to speak earnestly about what I want the site to be, and what the site has been for me. I feel so much about this odd cardboard endeavor, and want to keep it in good shape in the years to come. I know we’ve had a slippery year, but I’m convinced that we can find new ways to get people into the hobby in 2023, and I’m excited. Not just for that, but to also push new features and videos that’ll complete our transition out of the ‘cursed years’ so we’re back on fighting form. It’ll be quite something, I’m sure.

We need your support. And if you already support the channel – thank you so, so much. I have this job because of you, and it’s vitally important to me that I make a bountiful return on that investment of not just finances, but trust. Thank you. Here’s to an even better year of Shut Up & Sit Down.