Review: Renature

Fuzzy Little Dominoes, The GameFeel, What Kinda Bird Says ‘Argh’, Spot the Double Badger

Crikey! It’s a review! At this hour? On a WEDNESDAY?

For this scintillating mixture of performance art and review, Tom got lost in the woods for an entire week reviewing Renature – only bringing a camera and some boardgame pieces into the ordeal. On the 7th day, he emerges from amidst the leaves, and bestows upon us his completed work. Oh no.

Witness the fear in his eyes as he spies someone walking a dog straight towards him mid-take! Wince at the reverb-addled alternative vocal takes added in post because wind: it sucks! Fear the lines that were cut for a mixture of brevity and inability to watch oneself on camera. Why are you still here?! Press on, and you may find answers…