Review: John Company: Second Edition

The Inaugural Shut Up & Sit Down Video Essay

Holy moly, it’s the big one. In this nearly 50 minute monster, Tom is taking a thorough dive into John Company: Second Edition – a frightfully expansive game with lofty ambitions in both its mechanics and themes. Touching on some truly horrifying, very real history; this game pushes the limits of what can be comfortably represented on your kitchen table. For this reason, we’ve pulled out all the stops to comprehensively cover this beast of a box.

Thank you to so many folks for helping this review come together. My friends who came with me to film at Powis, Matt for his extensive colour-grading work (doesn’t it look lush!), HotCyder for help on these absolutely cracking thumbnails, and the countless people who watched, rewatched, and gave advice on how to put this video together. Thank you also to Cole and Drew, for making such a fascinating and complete work of art that created such complex feelings in most everyone I played it with.

This video has given me a huge amount of professional satisfaction and joy; yet I can only see the flaws in it, at this stage. I’m not upset about this fact, though! This is all a first baby step in making more of these kinds of videos. I’m excited for all the bigger and better videos to come.