Chess Month – Paris: La Cite De La Lumiere Review

Red Red Ribena, A different kind of TTS, Cornwall: France, A Beautiful Garage

Ah, Paris. A beautiful city to be portrayed by a beautiful garage. Sorry about the general scuzziness of this one, it was a hot day and very scented candles didn’t help. My copy of Paris: La Cite De La Lumiere now smells like vanilla and oranges – which might sound pleasant, but it is absolutely not.

This week on Shut Up and Sit Down, the real Tom Brewster reviews Paris: La Cite De La Lumiere – an exclusive to Chess Month; a month of games that are rapidly approaching ‘absolutely not chess at all officer’



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In the last two weeks Tom and Quinns played the same game 15 times. Did they go mad? No. Because that game was Undaunted: Stalingrad, and it might be the best WW2 board game of all time.

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