Podcast #170 – Environments and How Not To Die In Them

In this arid 170th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast Tom, Ava, and Quinns are chatting about a bunch of games featuring HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS. It’s like the Shut Up & Sit Down Annual Company Retreat after Quinns threw a War Sun at Ava. We’ll never be the same again.

In this podcast, the gang are saving tigers in Endangered and planting gardens in Ishtar; before settling down to a nice bit of post-apocalyptic bickering in Radlands. Enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend, folks!

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This Week on Shut Up & Sit Down

Ava: February: Why bother? Well, because it’s nearly the end of the voidperiod. February is shorter than January and by the end you can actually feel the days getting longer. Unless you’re in the other half of this big weird ball, in which case you must hate me for always banging on about the seasons. SORRY!

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