Feature: A Day in the Life of Quinns’ Game Collection!

Quinns: Ladies and gentlemen, roll up! It’s time for a new series where we take a look a team SU&SD’s board game collections. Come and see! Be amazed. Be aghast. Be envious. Comment with thought-provoking assertions like “why do you have that game it is bad”.

You guys will have seen my collection in the background of loads of SU&SD videos, but I don’t think you’ve seen the work that goes into it. Come with me today as I perform… a CULL.

But before that, let me show you my collection as it stands. It’s both completely ridiculous and not as ridiculous as you might think.

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Review: Jungle Speed Safari

Review: Jungle Speed Safari

Quinns: What I love most about Jungle Speed Safari is your friends’ fear when you set it up. If there’s a rule the manual’s missing, it’s that you’ve got to play this up. “OK,” you announce, dealing out the game’s cards. “If you’re wearing rings, take them off. It’s impossible to get blood out of cards.”

“Funny joke,” says one of your friends. “That was a joke, right?”

“What?” you say, and then: “Can everybody see something purple in this room?”

Your friends look around, assess the room, their chairs. They start to panic. “What do you mean?” someone says. “What are the wooden things in the middle of the table? And what do these pictures on the cards mean? WHAT ARE WE PLAYING?”

“Shhh,” you say, pressing a finger to their lips. “Don’t be scared. It’ll all be over soon.”

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Dobble (called Spot It! in North America) is truly amazing. There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards! A sharp eye and quick reflexes is all it takes to play the 5 quick party games in this grab-n-go tin. The fast action and brilliant game mechanics will have you hooked. Quick to learn, fun for all ages, and including up to 8 players, Dobble is the best matching card game to use as an ice breaker.

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It’s a podcast! Tom and Matt have been messing with trains in Empyreal: Spells & Steam, as well as dunking on plastic in Spirit Island! All aboard for some lively chats about depositing sludge and scaring humans! shutupandsitdown.com/podcastl…

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