Podcast #224 – Welcome to EARTH

Crusty Boys, Dogs Out, Recordin’ a Pod Together
June 30, 2023

In this loamy episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and Matt are taking a little wander through the hills and valleys of… a rather complicated engine builder. We’re talking about recent BGG darling Earth and its soil-based engines, alongside a few brief chats about seance-based deduce-em-up Phantom Ink and mud-based clean-em-up Dirty Pig. Matt also has a few words to say about the student games we got to briefly drop in on at the recent UK Games Expo!
Have a great weekend, everybody!

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

02:17 – Earth
26:19 – Phantom Ink
38:31 – Dirty Pig
44:52 – Student Games

Thanks to our amazing community, podcast transcripts are available here, and are usually completed within a few weeks of the podcast’s release.

Note: We misquote Will Smith’s line in Independence Day a couple times in this podcast – not realising the ⁠pretty charged history⁠ of misquoting it in such a manner! Apologies for this, it was not our intention to offend!

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