Podcast #143 – The One With All The Adventures

A disastrous introduction, Trad Boobage, The Time Hook, The Best Boots in Boardgames
Shut Up & Sit Down · Podcast #143 – The One With All The Adventures
June 11, 2021

In this willingly 143rd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Quinns and Tom are going on an adventure(s)! Keep your hands and feet inside the box at all times – especially as we lower the lid over the top of your head and slide you into a Kallax. It’s where we keep all the adventures.

We’re going on ADVENTURE through ARNAK in the Lost Ruins of Arnak! We’re going on an ADVENTURE through TIME in The Loop! And last but not least, we’re going on a CARD GAME through FANTASY in Fantasy Realms!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

01:19 –  Lost Ruins of Arnak
22:35 – The Loop
36:57 – Fantasy Realms

Thanks to our amazing community, podcast transcripts are available here, and are usually completed within a few weeks of the podcast’s release.

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