Podcast #135 – The Solo RPG Special

Froglins, Dr Liz, The Milton Keynes of Planetary Objects, Thinkin’ and Walkin’
March 19, 2021

In this whimsically 135th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns chat about a number of single-player pen-and-paper map-drawing/journal-making role-playing games – or ‘Solo RPGs’, for short. We’ll be digging deep into Delve, thinking back to Field Guide To Memory, and shooting upwards to be Alone Among The Stars, each game a new designer and a new direction.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

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02:05 – Delve

15:34 – Field Guide To Memory

26:13 – Alone Among The Stars

Thanks to our amazing community, podcast transcripts are available here, and are usually completed within a few weeks of the podcast’s release.

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