Podcast #129 – Mr Carnegie’s Fun Emporium!

My Tired And Dusty Workers, Ridin' The Business Waves, Absolute Carnage, Bezos; The Board Game
February 5, 2021

In this juicy 129th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, it’s time for business, baby! Join Matt and Tom for a conversation about Carnegie, where our thoughts doth runneth over. Literally. We aimed to keep this one short and sweet but then Matt got ever so excited about history – something that we like to call ‘a nerd move’, in the biz.

Think of this one as the ‘one-two-punch’ of board game podcasts, if you will. A first half that basks in the utter joy of the thing, and a second where reality rears its ugly head at our barred doors. We just wanted to enjoy a game about a hard day’s work, reality! Why do you always spoil our fun?! I JUST WANTED TO CRUSH A WHOLE UNION IN PEACE!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

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00:00 It’s Carnegie all the way down, my lovelies

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Oh, also, this is Ava’s first proper edit, out in the wild! It’s so squeaky clean!

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