Spring Pledge Season: '014

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STUFF! We like making it, you like receiving it. Would you like to receive some limited edition STUFF?

If you feel like supporting the work we do and getting some swag mailed to your doorstep, this season will close June 30th! After that, we'll begin work on our fourth ever pledge season to wrap up the year. Go on. Treat yourself, and help us spread the good word about board gaming!

ALSO, we've a question for you. Quinns, Paul, Matt, Mike and Brendan will be attending Gen Con '14 in America's fashionable state of Indiana. To help cover the flights we're considering selling a very limited number of seats at a sit-down dinner with us at the convention, as well as an intimate gaming session. If you're breathtakingly wealthy and this excites you, please say so using this form for the dinner, and this one for the evening's gaming.

Thanks again, everybody.

-- Team SU&SD


If you have any questions or concerns, you can use the "Support" tab on your left to get in touch with us.

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Pledge Levels
  • The Gold Club

    $25 or more

    Add $5 if outside of the US or UK

    A limited edition SU&SD Gold Club bag, hand-assembled by Team SU&SD and mailed to your doorstep. Featuring the SU&SD family newsletter, the continuing saga of Reference Pear, artwork, download codes, game promos, a Unique Item and all sorts of other stuff! Creating these has become one of our favourite parts of the job, so try not to miss it.

    Estimated Ship Date: July 20, 2014

  • The Gen Con Diner's Club

    $500 or more

    See below for details!

    Buy a seat at an intimate, fancy dinner with Quinns, Paul, Mike, Matt and Brendan on the first night of the convention. Topics of discussion will be limited to games, and things that aren't games. Jokes are allowed, so long as they're submitted to our PR department no less than a week in advance.

    If you're interested in this tier, please first fill out THIS FORM

    We'd be eating on: Thursday, August 14th 2014

  • The Gen Con Gamer's Club

    $500 or more

    See below for details!

    We'll be playing games with folk throughout Gen Con '14, but this is your chance to book a seat in an exclusive evening-long game night with Quinns, Paul, Mike, Matt and Brendan. Games will consist of a cool Opener and dramatic EntreƩ, based on what games excite us closer to the date.

    If you're interested in this tier, please first fill out THIS FORM

    We'd be gaming on: Sat, August 16th 2014