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First payment: July 18, 2020

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Did Shut Up & Sit Down help get you into board games? Do you and your friends now regularly enjoy evenings full of laughter, fun decisions and miniature goblins? And do you want to go over and above in your support for us? If so, this pledge level is for you.

The fact is that there are other people out there that we’ve yet to reach, and your money will help us to create truly epic videos which we can push further out into the internet using improved search engine optimisation, better social media and lots more.

You will also be signed up for our monthly behind-the-scenes newsletter! Which comes out a day or two after the subscriptions run on the 18th of each month.

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Today is "Every Other Friday" so you know what THAT means - it's podcast time! This episode sees Tom and Quinns chat Jaws of the Lion, spooky games, vampires, ancient artefacts. Enjoy! shutupandsitdown.com/podcastl… pic.twitter.com/YBi5sKtAnc

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