AwSHUX?! It’s Sunday’s Schedule!

Dawn of the final day, Quinns and Mercy Do Not Get Along, There Were Literally Hundreds of Horses

It’s the final day of AwSHUX, the world’s finest digital boardgame convention! Here’s Tom to give you an update on all the fun stuff that’s happening today!

If you’ve not taken a gander at AwSHUX over the past couple of days, then let me give you the run-down! First off, pay a visit to – either by yourself, or with a whole bunch of possible pals found through our discord server. You can demo something new, or dig out an old classic – Tabletopia membership is free for the whole weekend using the promo code ‘AWSHUX’!

What if digital games just ‘aint cutting it for you? Well, we’ve got a whole store chock full of neat games that you can play with your hands and eyes and everything. Every game bought this way helps us as well as the publisher – and you can zip straight to their store through the individual booths in the main expo hall. And if you wanted to coat yourself in a fresh lick of boardgame paint, we’ve got a garment factory that’s churning out some powerful t-shirts all weekend long.

Lastly, but by no means leastly, we’ve also got a bunch of giveaways over the weekend that you can sign up for here!

Have a lovely AwSHUX Sunday!