Review: Turncoats

This is a review of Turncoats! Is this the first presenter-less episode of Shut Up & Sit Down? Who knows? But it’s a fun little experiment and I hope you enjoy it.

Turncoats is just cracking – a sumptuous little puzzle in a pouch, and one of the most gorgeous games I’ve played all year. It’s the kind of game that has people at the pub stopping by to ask about the weird little tablecloth you’re all poking, and simple enough that those people could probably come and poke it too. Enjoy!

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Review: Stefan Feld City Collection

Quinns and Tom have made a huge mistake. Somehow, the two of them both unanimously decided that they were excited about the new City Series from Queen Games and decided to cover FOUR COMPLICATED GAMES in ONE VIDEO.

What is the City Series, you ask? Why, it’s none other than two beloved games, one adequate game and one /new/ game, all by legendary German designer Stefan Feld.

And why have they all been returned around cities? Well, as you’ll soon see, we have absolutely no idea.

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SHUX Previews: Card Games

Much like our egos, card games come in all shapes and sizes. This roundup skims the cream off the crop, with some hefty strategy, expanded universes, and a dash of lighter fair to boot.

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SHUX Previews: Cooperative Games

Do you enjoy working towards a common goal? Coming together as a team to defeat the odds and squash the cardboard menace? Then this is the preview roundup for you!

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SHUX Previews: Crunchy Euros

It’s time for everyone’s favourite previews roundup: Crunchy Euros! Not nearly enough beige for our tastes, but a very exciting lineup all the same!

Which one is looking the crunchiest to you?

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SHUX Previews: Deeply Thematic

Well it’s not quite SHUX time yet, but we’re going to get things rolling early and make sure all you AwSHUXers are included as well! Here’s our first batch of exciting new games – let us know what you think of the new format we’re trying, and what games you’re most excited to try!

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Shutupshow Tweets

Our 2022 Gift Guide is one hell of a BUMPER thing this year: video coming in the next week or so! It's BUMPO-BUMPER. TOO BUMP

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