Review: Spire: The City Must Fall RPG

What’s this?! Could it be? They said it couldn’t be done…

Yes, today SU&SD has released none other than a ginormous video review of a role-playing game. The award-winning game of Spire casts a party of players as members of an underground resistance cell, making small acts of rebellion in a society that will almost certainly kill them. This book is imaginative, evocative and has a marvelous sense of humour… but it turns out Quinns had a bit of a problem with it, too.

Enjoy, everybody.

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Spire: The City Must Fall RPG

From the back of the book: You are a dark elf. You have sworn in blood and sacred shadow to destroy your oppressors, the aelfir – high elves from the frozen north who have claimed your homeland as their own. Spire is a mile-high metropolis and you hide in its crumbling temples, its lawless undercity, … Read more

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