Podcast #257 – Big Buildings, Bigger Creatures

On this terrifyingly tall episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt and Tom are checking out some games with BIG THINGS in ‘em! Skyrise is the latest from Brass: Brum publishers Roxley Games and has you making great stinkin’ scrapers, and Leviathan Wilds from new publisher Moon Crab Games gets us climbing the backs of crusty creatures. It’s a good pair of games!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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GAMES NEWS! 10/02/20

Tom: In today’s news we’re heading to the NEWS FACTORY WHERE NEWS IS MADE. I guess? What’s the introductory goof here? We’ve got to have that sweet  narrative wrapper or else people will think we’re really boring.

Ava: I’ve got no idea today. Though maybe news factory is a bit overdone? I certainly know I’ve said ‘news-spigot’ far too many times.

Tom: Damn. I guess we’re not doing a theme this week then. Does today’s news exist in a joyless void?

Ava: I’m definitely team joyless void.

Tom: That makes two of us!

Ava: When I say Joyless – you say Void! JOYLESS! …

Tom: … that’s already too much joy for me, I’m going to crack on with the news. This week, it’s The Roxley Round-Up! Gorilla Marketing is their first offering, slated for a March 2020 release – and we’ve got an exclusive SUSD scoop on this one, as I played it LAST NIGHT.

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